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  • Barking Barbershop Training Report

    For almost six years I worked for you as the bather of your small pet grooming business. Recently, I have been thinking about the training I received for the job and how it affected me as an employee. I am writing you this letter to explain the aspects of the training that were very effective and how you can continue to leverage them to produce great employees and an overall high-quality service. I also am going to discuss what I think lacked in the training process and how it could be improved…

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  • Classroom Management At Platte County Elementary School

    I have had the please of volunteering many times in a classroom at Platte County Elementary School. When I was in high school I tutored a first grade classroom, so I went back to the same teacher and she was more than willing to answer some of the questions that I had and it was great to see that her classroom is still functioning the exact same way it was eight years ago. This only means that the way she manages her classroom must be very effective. This was a great opportunity for me to…

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  • Reflective Essay On Being Mindful

    and judgmental. The lack of knowledge of how to manage ones thoughts and decision making can as result affect life in general. The first time I practiced mindfulness I was not familiar with such method. However, I found my thoughts to drift as I practice how to be mindful. During a mindful checking my thoughts consisted in school, work, my Lsat exam and how I was going to make time to enjoy myself. The amount of stress at that time preoccupied me, but after I practiced mindful checking I felt…

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  • Personal Narrative: Feeling Like An Outsider

    in practice make it even worse. As basketball practice soon appeared on my schedule, I started to get butterflies. I struggle to want to go to practice in the summer, but with the dad I have I can’t miss one. When I go to the practice, I don’t only see that none of my friends are there, but that the huge 9th grade team practices with us. As I get out on the court, I feel the embarrassment of how my abilities are very limited compared to them. The red hot blood rushes to my face. As practice…

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  • Working Together To Safeguard Children: Case Study

    assignment is to pinpoint an area of practice that has significant concerns surrounding it, the issue has been identified through the most recent (August 2016) parent and carer questionnaire. In addition to this it is also to identify at what point in time these issues may have occurred and why these particular issues arose. Next to devise a plan on how the organisation, both management and staff are going to respond and resolve matters, therefore this creates a better practice. And finally to…

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  • The Importance Of Spirituality In Nursing

    occupation of nursing comes with the responsibility of understanding spiritual care. Spiritual care is defined as “that care which recognizes and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health, or sadness and can include the need for meaning, for self worth, to express oneself, for faith support (NHS Education for Scotland, 2009).” As a nurse, Ms. Delfin will be able to attend to her patient’s spiritual needs by putting herself in their perspective in order to fully…

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  • Analysis Of Swanson's Theory Of Counseling

    By putting the patients at the center of care, talking to them to get to know them and understand their concerns, by returning phone calls on time, and visiting my patients as often as needed I can practice being with and knowing. I do for by maintaining competence in hospice care and keeping my credentials as a certified hospice and palliative care nurse. I also do for by using critical thinking skills to direct patient care, by providing comfort…

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  • Virginia Henderson's Theory Of Nursing Research

    affiliation Introduction A nursing theory is a combination of different ideas that guides the nurses in providing better health care to their patients (Smith & Liehr, 2013 p.44). Different people have developed different theories that guide the nurses’ practice. Virginia Henderson developed the nursing need theory. The theory ideas came from her nursing experience and the nursing education she had acquired. She was a well known nurse, an author of books and a researcher. She defined nursing as…

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  • Watson Metaparadigm Analysis

    present an analysis and explanation on why I did not transform my meaning perspectives after learning her theory, and kept my original definition of each concept of nursing metaparadigm. Lastly, I will provide a learning experience in my clinical practice and relate it to my own definition of paradigm. Watson’s theory is well known worldwide as the heart of present-day…

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  • Morals In Nursing

    for both workmanship and science which offers a structure that grasps and meets with science, humanities, a deep sense of being, and new measurements of mind body soul drug and nursing advancing transparently as vital to human marvels of nursing practice. The caring hypothesis must be read, study and research yet the individual needs to experience it to comprehend what it is subsequently the caring model is both a welcome and a chance to connect with the thoughts, explore different avenues…

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