Classroom Management Observation

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I have had the please of volunteering many times in a classroom at Platte County Elementary School. When I was in high school I tutored a first grade classroom, so I went back to the same teacher and she was more than willing to answer some of the questions that I had and it was great to see that her classroom is still functioning the exact same way it was eight years ago. This only means that the way she manages her classroom must be very effective. This was a great opportunity for me to observe classroom management in a classroom setting. You can picture how you want your classroom to go, but until you see it in action you won 't know if it will work. She has a set routine for every single thing she does in her classroom and a procedure of how it will be done. From the morning routine, to student chores, to drills, to turning in assignments, to how she has her classroom designed, to how they ask a question, all leading up until the end of the day. She has all her routines and …show more content…
From the first day of school the students have been rehearsing the same routine and it took a few weeks for the students to fully understand it, she said. I like her morning routine the best. The students will come in the mornings with a library book that must have been read the night before. The students will take turns on the computers as they show up for class taking a quiz on the book. The students that get to school and there is not a computer available they must work on their journal that is posted on up on the board or go and turn their book in at the library. The teacher will do lunch count, attendance, and morning announcements as this is going on. The students are always busy and there is no time for down time in her classroom. Everything that happens in her classroom is based on time management which is very important in a classroom to be

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