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The Philosophy/Conceptual Framework/Theory/Middle-Range Theory That Describes Nursing in the Way I Think About It
The need to categorize knowledge in nursing has seen the development of various theories that assist nurses in evaluating the complex patient care situations. These theories offer a plan for reflecting and examining the direction of managing, investigating, and decision-making about healthcare (Smith & Parker, 2015). The nursing theories provide a structure for communication and formulating goals, values, and beliefs in the health care system. One of the theories that describe nursing in the way I think about it is the Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations. Peplau’s model is a middle-range theory.
The Peplau’s theory focuses
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As a resource, nursing should strive to answer questions and interpret clinical treatment data to give the relevant information (Black, 2016). The stranger role involves receiving patients in an accepting climate and building trust to help provide care. Nursing should play the surrogate role to clarify domains of independence, interdependence, dependence, and act as an advocate for the clients (Liehr & Smith, 2017). Further, nurses should be patients’ counselors to help them understand and integrate the meaning of their circumstances in addition to providing encouragement and …show more content…
Nursing integrates with the other components of the metaparadigm to ensure patient well-being. Person, on the other hand, can be defined as the individual receiving the nursing care, but may also encompass the individual’s family, friends, or the community.
Health would be defined as the level of wellness of a patient regarding their emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and psychological dimensions. It covers their genetic makeup and lifespan and how the dimensions are integrated into health care for optimal benefits. Environment is defined as the factors, both internal and external, that impact an individual’s health. Such may include their geographical education, culture, genetics, immune function, ecology, and social status. Therefore, how one interacts with their surroundings has a relative effect on their health and wellness.
Values about Nursing That Guide My

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