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  • Importance Of Being The Founder And President Of The Culture Club

    two years, and after successfully executing the role of the Public Relations Officer my sophomore year, I am the first female president of Spanish National Honors Society. Along with my leadership positions in the clubs already listed, I am an active member of National Honors Society, Beta Club, Young American Democrats Club, Women 's Empowerment Club, Spanish Club, and Backpacking Club. Through hosting and planning weekly meetings, organizing…

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  • Cultural Health Practice: Puerto Rico

    citizens with Hispanic/Latino being the primary ethnicity group. Although some people confuse Hispanic/Latino as being two separate ethnicities, they are fairly the same and share same beliefs and practices. Hispanic simply means, Spanish speaker and is derived from Spanish speaking countries such as Puerto Rico, while Latino means people who are from Latin America. With that being said, people that are from Puerto Rico or other…

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  • The Indian Clothing In Guatemala

    the limited amounts of priest. The other 25 to 30 percent are Protestants. Spanish and Amerindian influences developed native music. Guatemala is known for their traditional dances which include wearing costumes. They have many types of dancing. One of the dances is called The Deer Dance which means the struggle between man and animal. Another one is called The Dance of the Conquest which symbolizes the conquest of the Spanish over the Amerindians. Monumental sites are just one sign of…

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  • Literacy Narrative Essay On Language

    Literacy Narrative Language was something I had never put much thought into until October of my junior year in high school. For sixteen years, I lived in the same town, went to the same school, and was around the same people. I was never exposed to different languages. The farthest I had ever traveled from my hometown was twelve hours to Orlando, Florida for family vacation. I learned about language, reading, and writing in school. English was never my favorite subject but I normally excelled…

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  • A Personal Experience Of Being Bilingual

    of a better future for themselves and children. Because of my Hispanic roots, and my birth in the U.S., I am considered a Mexican-American. As a result of my equivalent exposure to two different cultures, I grew up being bilingual. My native language is Spanish, and I began to learn English when I was in Pre-K. As a young child, I did not know being bilingual would be of such importance. Nevertheless, now that I am young adult, I fully understand…

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  • Reflective Essay About Communication

    definition may be, I believe that communication is all about creating meaning. Language is a very broad structured system of symbols that allow people to express ideas and feelings to others.The fact that we process language does not always mean that we are communicating well and in a proper manner. Within language there are four key elements: Sounds, words, grammar, and meaning. As a person who speaks multiple foreign languages I have noticed that the element of grammar…

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  • Spanish Religion

    The culture that I chose to learn about was of the Spanish ethnicity and the Catholic Church; therefore I submerged myself with a Spanish speaking Catholic service at a local church in Murrieta off of Whitewood. My religious affiliation is Christian however the way in which I practice my belief is not the same as with Catholicism. I also do not understand nor do I speak Spanish, I am English speaking only. This would be a new experience for me, and make the experience beneficial I would be going…

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  • Multiculturalism In The Film Spanglish

    seen by what Flor does for a living in the United States. She never leaves the Hispanic environment and works at a laundry mat in the neighborhood. There are so many Hispanic props and writings in Spanish that can be seen. Flor feels very much at home and happily interacts with the people, speaking Spanish. She works two jobs, and although she keeps her spirits high, they take a toll on her. She cannot help but worry about Cristina. The worry of supporting her daughter finally prompted her to…

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  • Why Do Betts Become Successful?

    and seriously. Betts wrote, “I studied Spanish for three hours every day by working through one of the textbooks I found at the library, writing every page in longhand, then doing the assignments and giving them to another inmate to grade. […]” (229). We can say that, studying and practicing another language like Spanish is all about a strategy that learning and practicing on how to speak Spanish takes time for him to develop and understand its target language in order to understand its culture…

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  • Fatalismo Culture

    percent of first-generation Hispanics say they speak Spanish “very well”/”pretty well.” Among second-generation Hispanics Spanish proficiency falls to 82%. By the third-generation of U.S.-born Hispanics, less than half (47%) claim they can speak Spanish fluently (Taylor et al., 2012). When identifying the primary language spoken by Hispanics, research indicates a similar trend with successive generations. Among first-generation Hispanics, 61% say Spanish is dominant with 24% English dominant. …

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