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  • Reflective Essay: My Fluency In The Classroom

    about a man who can speak 60 different languages in my eighth grade English class, I planned to learn to speak at least four different languages fluently in my lifetime. I am already fluent in three different languages (English, Hindi, Telugu), but I am still interested in taking courses that will help me become a fluent speaker in another language, like Spanish. I have taken Spanish classes in high school, and I am very excited to continue my study of Spanish at the College of Charleston. I…

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  • Analysis Of Borderland La Frontera

    United States are told not to express themselves in their native language as “linguistic terrorism” since it instills fear and shame in their native language. In order to understand the important language in culture, it must be defined first. Language is defined as the way words are pronounces, combined, utilized and understood by a community (Merriam-Webster 2018). In the chapter…

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  • Cultural Diversity In Schools Essay

    Many of the students who speak languages other than English speak Spanish, and others are familiar with the language. In the United States Spanish is the second most common spoken language behind English and thus it may be helpful for students to develop fluency in this language both for their studies and out of the classroom. After research and discussion among a panel of educators including Franklin’s…

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  • Graduation Speech: I Do Not Be A True Mexican

    “They Say” They say “Oh, you don’t speak Spanish? Then you must not be a true Mexican.” I always get told this about not speaking Spanish because I’m Mexican. They who say it basically shows that their mentality is set up of how Mexicans have to speak Spanish. I’d always tell them, “Being Mexican doesn’t mean you have to speak their language.” Then they’d talk about how you aren’t a true Mexican because in order to be a true Mexican, you have to speak Spanish. But, my experience is that my…

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  • I Just Wanna Be Average And I Just Wanna Be Average

    I was basically the only one in my household that had trouble speaking Spanish because I would get nervous when I had to speak it. Spanish, was the only language that connects me with my family and only way to communicate with them. Not able to speak perfect Spanish to my relatives is difficult for me, Sometimes when I do speak Spanish, all three of my sisters being to laugh and make jokes. Besides them, when my Mother’s on the phone, she tells everyone…

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  • Borderlands La Frontera Analysis

    been made to fear America. America is a dominant force to be reckoned with or else you be castrated, much like Anzaldúa’s experience in being forced to lose her Mexican accent. Anzaldúa’s strong will and finding of her home linguistically, Chicano Spanish protects her and other Chicanos from the overbearing nature of America. Anzaldúa urges to accept your self both culturally and linguistically, especially in the face of opposition, comparable to the strength of the plants in Kahlo’s painting…

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  • Spanish Immigration Benefits

    change my Spanish minor to a major. My reasoning for this change is that I can spend more time in the Spanish culture and have a better understanding of the Spanish language. I plan to pursue a career in the medical field and having a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language will allow me to reach more patients. Latinos represent 16% percent of the Spanish population and are the fastest growing ethnic minority group. For this reason, I have chosen to study Spanish over other languages…

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  • Personal Statement For Travel Abroad

    motivated to travel abroad because I believe it is one of the best ways to learn about different people and societies. During every trip that I have been on, I have learned many new things and showed up back home with new skills. Whether it has been new languages, knowledge of that place 's history, more about their religions, or the appreciation I gained for the delicious foods of the area I had been traveling in, I have always learned a lot from my traveling experiences. My own travel…

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  • The Struggles Of Prejudice And Discrimination

    Many people face discrimination due to the way they look or how they tend to speak a language that they aren’t perfect in. People move to different places looking for better lives, but instead experience racial discrimination and prejudice. This could be seen in the articles written by Tanya Barrientos, Amy Tan, and Robert Rodriguez that shows how not being fluent in the native language affected them. In their personal experiences, either them or their parents have been discriminated against due…

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  • Christopher Columbus: The History And History Of Puerto Rico

    In 1493, Christopher Columbus landed in Puerto Rico, during the second voyage he called it San Juan Bautista. Later in 1508, the Spanish permitted settlement rights to Juan Ponce de Leon, who established a settlement at Caparra and became the first governor. In 1519, “Caparra relocated to a nearby coastal islet with a healthier environment, it was renamed Puerto Rico” (“Every Culture”). Puerto Rico is the easternmost and smallest of the Greater Antilles and is connected by the Atlantic Ocean.…

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