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  • Yolanda Identity Crisis

    chance to find her place in either. When she returns to the Dominican as an adult, she feels highly extrinsic and alien to her former culture. Her cousins dress colorfully and she feels plain in comparison. She has lost her ability to recall most spanish words and phrases. She views her happy relatives as a representation of her failure to find what they all have, roots in their culture. All in all, she does not feel at home in her birthland. In the same fashion, Yolanda is viewed as exotic in…

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  • Shower V. Spainhower

    An allegation was raised that Mr. Spainhower was rude and racist. Spainhower allegedly instructed employees that Spanish was prohibited in the workplace. Employees allege this violates the Zero Tolerance EEO Policy of UPRR. • Sub Issue: Whether an employer can restrict safety sensitive communications to English Only? Rules: Union Pacific strictly prohibits any discrimination or harassment based on a person 's race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, religion, veteran status,…

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  • How Did My First Language Change

    came to the United States without knowing how different my life was going to be and all the changes that were about to happen. When I came to the United States I did not know any word in English. My first language is Spanish, but I was coming to a country where English is the first language people speak. And I knew this, when I stepped into the airport in Dallas, Texas. I was with my brother and my grandfather…

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  • MEDLINE Database: Strengths And Weaknesses

    used that were not based on interpreters, but discussed other aspects of language barriers within healthcare. In addition, since the research was based on the reactions of patients and providers within health care, a limitation that could be associated with such research includes the issue of people within the study altering their behavior. For example within the research by Lor et al. (2016), a limitation was included that Spanish fluent providers could detect interpreting errors and would…

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  • Nursing Case Study: G. C. A. H)

    started crawling, which was when she had reached 8 months. G.A.H. reached her second milestone, walking, when she was 13 months and was toilet trained when she was two years old. Mrs. H reported G.A.H. began speaking before the age of two in two languages, Spanish and English. G.A.H. only medical history is that she has seasonal asthma as well as seasonal allergies. Other wise there is no medical history recorded as of recent. G.A.H. currently lives with both of her parents…

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  • Gender Inequality In Mexican Culture

    You have the Spanish language itself as a sexist model that we, unfortunately, cannot change. To give you a brief Spanish lesson, every word in Spanish is categorized either as masculine or feminine. In addition, you need to be able to identify between the two in order to conjugate the word properly to make the sentence sound better…

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  • Flexmed Reflection Paper

    It is painfully obvious that FlexMed has had an impact on my educational plan in college. At first, I had intentions of studying History and Computer Science. Now, I am a declared Spanish major and am declaring a major in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. The only reason this has been possible is the flexibility afforded by FlexMed. It began when my five best friends from my dorm hall decided that they wanted to live together off-campus sophomore year. The influence that three…

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  • Hispanic And Hispanic Culture

    always left me feeling guilty for not embracing the other culture. Throughout the paper, I am going to use the term Hispanic to describe my Latin origin. Hispanic can be used interchangeably with Latino, but the meaning behind Hispanic focuses on a Spanish-speaking origin. My mother is a 2nd generation Mexican-American, and my father immigrated here when he was younger from Honduras. I grew up in a small town in Hollister, California and I grew up surrounded…

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  • An Essay On My Cultural Identity

    i do more American stuff normally than Mexican stuff. Unlike most of my peers they listen and talk spanish in school or home. I cant pronounce Spanish words properly because i grew up making English my home language. Others sometimes think i try to act white as they say but for me its not trying to act white its about how i was raised and how i was taught to do things. The only person i talk spanish too its my Grandparents. My mother understands English and so does the rest of my family and…

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  • Dominican Culture Vs Spanish Culture

    from Lebron James? Did you know LeJuan James lives hear in Orlando, FL and just recently both his parents a house in Kissimmee, FL? Even though Spanish is our first language our differences in culture, customs and values can sometimes create conflict because some of word and phrases are written the same, but have different meaning in the Spanish language. I selected Dominican Republic because of are coworker Janet, who is Dominican and sometimes we have misunderstood each other because some of…

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