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  • Reflective Essay: Cultural Diversity In The United States

    didn’t have the same ways of doing things and talking the same language. I have been in Dalton for a while now so I don’t really have much diversity as I would in other places around the nation, that have more diversity then a small town like Dalton. I could say that my family has been a middle class during our time here. My house has been based on Mexican- American culture, we speak both English and Spanish, but the primary language is Spanish since my parents are not very well with English.…

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  • Hispanic Culture Research Paper

    American is plain and boring and all the same. Spanish is interesting and different. “The food is just so much better”, he says. I can even agree with this to some extent the food is amazing. It is such a different cultural that I want to know more about. There are some things I find different that I…

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  • International Service Reflective Essay

    my first Spanish class. I sat in a blue chair and class began, an experience that can best be described as a, “baptism by fire”; the teacher, Señora Gunderson, only spoke Spanish the entire 50 minutes. It was a whirlwind experience, and I could only understand random fragments like “bien,” “azul,” and “hola,” and despite being overwhelmed, I was hooked. That day marked the first step down a path that would change my life. Over four years of high school, my gusto for the Spanish language grew…

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  • Hispanic Latino And Hispanic Immigration

    United States-born Hispanics/Latinos affect their education level; Why US-born Hispanic have a higher graduation rate than Hispanic immigrants? First, it’s important to understand who are Hispanics and/or Latinos. Hispanics are people of Spanish speaking and/or with Spanish origin. Hispanics was the term created by the Nixon government in 1960 to categories the large group of immigrants as “Hispanics.” Latinos are those who were born from Latin America countries; In other words, those that comes…

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  • Stereotypes In Moraga's Heroes And Saints

    Race and religion have always been historically tied together, especially in California with our history of the mission system as a form of colonization. In Cherrie Moraga’s play Heroes and Saints, she confronts this directly through her characters using various racial projects. In their piece, Racial Formation in the United States, Omi and Winant define a racial project as a “historically situated action that represents and organizes human bodies in a hegemonic structure of power” (Omi and…

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  • The Importance Of Technology On Media And Digital Technology

    In today’s world of teaching one of the greatest challenges that most teachers face is engaging and motivating their students to learn about a variety of topics that oftentimes may not be very appealing to them. The same lifeless textbooks, filled with countless words and a couple of boring diagrams, are simply not enough to spark and peak the interests of the minds of a generation of youth who live and thrive on media and digital technology. Boles (2011) asserts that there is a vast difference…

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  • The Relationship Between Hispanic And Latino Culture

    The term “Hispanic” broadly refers to the people, nations, and cultures that have a cultural link to Spain (“Hispanic,” n.d., para. 1). The terms “Latino” or “Latina” refer to people with cultural ties to Latin America and people of nationalities within the bounds of Latin America (“Latino,” n.d., para. 1). The term Latino can be used to refer to males or females, whereas the term Latina is used to refer to females only. The terms “Hispanic” and “Latino” can be used interchangeably to…

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  • Mexican Family Narrative

    simply Hispanic neighborhoods. So most of the time it was very easy for my grandparents to communicate with others since the majority around did speak Spanish. But whenever they were around people who didn’t speak Spanish it was difficult to communicate. My grandparents after living in the U.S for a few years learned to understand the English language…

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  • Analysis Of Gustavo Arellano's Orange County: A Personal History

    used English. But when addressing adults, we addressed in Spanish- and they didn’t like it when we tried to speak back to them in English” (Arellano 117). I could relate to Arellano when it comes to speaking Spanish to older adults and speaking English to everybody else. The idea of assimilation comes in when many Immigrants, children of immigrants and those with Hispanic background begin giving up their native tongue as their primary language to assimilate better to American culture. I have…

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  • Human Services Reflection

    In the field of Human Services it is important to become comfortable when you are working with clients that are culturally different than yourself. The agency I am working at IDEA there clientele base provides a wide range of diversity. Although I am mainly at the Brighton location, once a month I do hours in the Denver office. The majority of client’s I deal with at the agency are Mexican American; African American and European (White), Asian and a few clients that represent the LGBT community.…

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