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  • The Negative Effects Of The Spanish Civil War

    to appear. Whatever the size of the war there are always those who are affected by the negativity that the war brings. Many men and women were negatively affected, both physically and emotionally, from their experiences fighting and helping in the Spanish Civil War. George Orwell gave his first-hand account, of his time spent fighting in the war in his book Homage to Catalonia. In his account Orwell tells how he was able to survive his many months fighting in the front lines of Spain, a bullet…

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  • Hernan Cortes Dbq Essay

    One such leader who wanted to do this was Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Hapsburg possessions, and Spain. In document 1, Hernan Cortes Letter to Charles V, the Spanish explorer writes, “I did everything I could to steer them away from their false gods and to draw them to our Lord God”. One of the main goals of Cortes’s conquest was to convert the local people to Catholicism. This need to convert can be traced back…

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  • Resilient Qualities

    tested throughout my adolescence. Being an immigrant already posed a challenge, but for me I was the new kid, I couldn’t speak English, and I was used to Catholic schools. I had to adjust and I did. I was in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class for only 4 months and learned enough English to test out. I learned to play football and basketball, both sports that are not widely played in South America. My parents, being from Colombia, didn’t know how to speak English, and…

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  • Military Stereotypes

    Old black and white photographs from the military are always fascinating, they have a funny way to make you imagine yourself in that particular time and place. They can also make you lose yourself for a few seconds when you look at them. One particular thing to notice in the photographs is that all of the serviceman looked very fit and none of them overweight. The majority of serviceman in old photographs actually looked very skinny. Photographs in current times look very different, not every…

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  • DBQ: Silver And The Global Economy

    Silver and the Global Economy During the 16th to 18th centuries silver was of vast importance to trading networks all around the world. From 1500 to 1750 Spanish America and Tokugawa Japan dominated the world production in silver. Silver was so influential that the Ming government in China required all taxes to be paid in silver. Silver had many economic and social effects because it expanded trading connections with Asia, caused inflation, and the forced labor class had a hard life in its…

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  • The Tutul Xiue: Why The Spanish Conquests

    Meanwhile, the younger Montejo continued to fight the Maya that were becoming more hostile as their numbers grew. They eventually they laid siege to the Spanish barricaded in the city. The Maya were able to cut off the Spanish supply line to the coast and forced them to send for help as they barricaded themselves in the ruins of the ancient city of Chichén Itzá. Months passed, but no reinforcements came to the aid of the trapped Spaniards. Montejo the Younger attempted an all out assault…

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  • How Did Hernan Cortes Achieve The American Conquest

    The Conquest of the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadores changed world history according to Gomora. The Spaniards conquered the Aztec and Inca Empire against all odds. Did the Conquistadores achieve the conquest because they were superior or something else needed to happen? Hernan Cortes expedition was to conquer the great empire of the Aztecs. One of his companions, Bernal Diaz del Castillo, wrote a probanza, or account, of the conquest. In the journey, Bernal talks about the journey that…

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  • Essay On How Did The Spanish Influence On Native Americans

    World. Among these nations, Spain was one of the countries that gained great power through the control of Native Americans. Spain was going through some major changes at this time, and these changes contributed much to the treatment to Indians. The Spanish nobles, also known as hidalgos, wanted to gain more power through the New World and take full advantage of the Indians. As cruel Spaniards’ killing, enslaving, and controlling of the Native Americans intensified, words for the rights of…

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  • Essay On Marine Organization

    Being a part of the Marine Corp Organization Being a part of the Marine Corp Organization, is an organization that changed my life. ( Through my husband being in the Marine Corp, working on base and living on base it allowed me to be a part of many different groups and teams. Inside the Marine Corp they all have one goal and that’s to protect the United States. To be able to manage this organization they have many organizations within the one, starting from the 1800s.…

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  • Hernan Cortez True History Analysis

    a chance at satisfying his urge for God, gold and glory, Diaz accounting of the conquest of Mexico comes with biases that would be considered typical for that time period, no matter how outdated or grotesque they seem at times. However, while pro-Spanish ideals are scattered throughout the book, Diaz does seem to resent Cortez at times. This shows an uncharacteristically human quality, different from the almost propaganda-like historical accounts from academia from the same…

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