The Poetry Of Cesar Vallejo, Cusco

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We young folks in Cusco were very much concerned with poetry as much as Bolano’s visceral realists did in Mexico City but unlike them, Octavio Paz was not our enemy. We loved discussing the labyrinth of solitude but It was the poetry of Cesar Vallejo, Arguedas, Garcilazo that matter to us. It reflected our Andean traits. Cusquenhos are different from coastal Peruvians. We are because of our cultural traits. We are visual, silent, introverts, stoic and very much good listeners and enjoy jokes spoken in the Quechua language. Cultural traits inherited and transformed out of the clash between the Inca and the Spanish culture. The Nobel Prize winner Vargas llosa is correct indicating that our Spanish language in Cusco is old, archaic and more likely spoken as we were in colonial times. Correct. So there, in some bar called “el Surquillano, la chola,or el Tacuchi, we restless youth would try to understand every line of Vallejo’s poems… …show more content…
It was our own natural youthful reaction to discover by our own the world, It was a search for meaning… but we didn’t know it. We were like the savage detectives searching for that person, book, ghost, deity word, poem, to alleviate our angst. Cesarea Tinarejo for the savage detectives was their “ raison d’etre” We didn’t have a raison d’etre. The savage detective ’s search for Poetry was at the end of their journey, there at the Sonora desert. We Andean folks had no Cesarea Tinarejo to look after…or, a vanished girl as is the case of Haruki Murakami novel. We had no idea what were looking for but we also found ourselves looking for “that” in music. We would exchange LP 's. One of the Kontiki dreamers, whose name starts with P. horded most of our albums of Serrat, Perales, Cesto, Nino Bravo …He thought that our search would be found in the lyrics of one song.

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