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  • Sony Essay

    A. History and Development of the Company SONY, now being a famous Japanese multinational conglomerate was founded in May 7, 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Sony Corporation was the principal Japanese Company to put up its share in the form of American Depositary Receipts on the OTC market of the New York Stock Exchange,United States in the year 1961.In the year 1970, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. SONY started making history from the year 1973 ,when they first received the first Emmy ever given to a Japanese company for developing the Trinitron color TV system. In the year 1982, they were the first to launch the World’s first CD player.And from that time onwards the innovation of SONY just kept on improving over the years.Soon after this in 1989 of November , Sony Corporation…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Sony

    Sony Brand analysis of the brand Company Sony Corporation is a multinational electronics company, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics, video, communications and video game consoles. It name, Sony, comes from the latin word “Sonus”, which is the word for “Sound”. The current slogan for Sony is make.believe. The brand logo has the name SONY itself in it, and has been the logo for the company for all the years. The brand is…

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  • Sony Code Of Conduct Analysis

    1.0 Introduction Sony Corporation, commonly referred as Sony, which is a Japanese multinational conglomerate. Headquarter of Sony is currently located at Konan Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Sony is primarily focused on the electronics, game, entertainment and financial services sectors. Sony is founded on 7th May 1946 and founded by two Japanese, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Both of them are an engineer and a physicist, the Sony original name was Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, which is Tokyo Telecommunications…

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  • Sony Ericsson Case Study

    Joint Venture: Sony Ericsson By: Upasana Banerjee On October 1st 2001, Sony, a Japanese electronics company, founded in 1946, joined Swedish-born Ericsson, 70 years its senior, in holy matrimony. Ericsson used to get chips from Philips, but in March, 2000, a fire destroyed the production facility of Philips. Facing an acute shortage of chips, Ericsson was prompted to form a joint venture with Sony. Since joining forces, both companies have stopped producing their own mobile phones. Originally,…

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  • Factors Affecting The Marketing Environment Of Sony

    INTRODUCTION:- Sony is a Japanese corporation and it’s headquarter is in Tokyo and one of the largest media in the world with revenue US$72 billion according to 2003 survey. Sony is a best and leading manufacturer of electronics, games, videos and information technology products for their customers and other professional markets. These things make Sony one of the successful entertainment company in the world. Sony has a long range of games, entertainment and electronic products. Sony become a…

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  • The Importance Of Corporate Governance Of The Sony Corporation

    In regards to leadership, the Sony Corporation forms its framework of corporate governance into two sections: Supervision and Management. The Supervision section is comprised of the Board of Directors and the three committees of Nominating, Compensation, and Auditing. The Board and the committees create corporate and business level strategies that the management section enforces among their subordinates. The board and committees also elect the officials within the management section, electing…

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  • Xbox 360 Impact On Society Essay

    22, 2013, Europe November 22, 2013 (for some countries, it was September 2, 2014 for others), Australia November 22, 2013, Britain November 22, 2013, Japan September 4, 2014, China September 29, 2014. 4 Sony began as small repair shop in Tokyo in 1946. In 1955 they made and began producing the transistor radio. This was the product that brought Sony into the international scene as many transistor radios were exported to the United States. In 1958 they made the first tape recorder in Japan. In…

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  • Compare And Contrast Nintendo

    People of all ages enjoy playing video games. But, to play video games people need to buy a gaming console. Parents are wondering which gaming console they should buy for their children, because they don’t know the features of the console, or if the console is appropriate for their children. The top 3 gaming or electronic companies around the world are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The top console of each company is different by their features, looks, security, and video games. Sony’s top…

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  • Case Study: Nikon Corporation

    should be wary of and why it is important that they sell products at a price that customers would believe is worth paying for and build a good relationship with their consumers (Harvard Business Review, 2008). Despite this, Nikon is a reputable company and will remain a priority to majority of consumers and thus the power of customers is relatively low. 3.5 Intensity of Rivalry The level of intensity among competitors in this camera industry is high. Nikon’s main rival is Canon while…

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  • Video Game Industry

    Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. is a Japanese multinational video game company specializing in a variety of areas in the video game industry, and is a wholly owned subsidiary and part of the Consumer Products & Services Group of Sony. The company was established on November 16, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan, prior to the launch of the original PlayStation video game system. Company’s Products: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable. Market Volume: In recent years , A quick development of…

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