Factors Affecting The Marketing Environment Of Sony

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Sony is a Japanese corporation and it’s headquarter is in Tokyo and one of the largest media in the world with revenue US$72 billion according to 2003 survey. Sony is a best and leading manufacturer of electronics, games, videos and information technology products for their customers and other professional markets. These things make Sony one of the successful entertainment company in the world. Sony has a long range of games, entertainment and electronic products. Sony become a consumer electronics company since 1946.
The primary mission of Sony is to create value in the market and to improve their quality through innovations for the next generation entertainment.
Sony is one of the most successful entertainment
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Their motto is “LIKE NO OTHER”
Sony market environment is different from others but there basic remain the same marketing plan of Sony changes time to time which make them unique from others through technology.
There are lots of factors that affect the marketing environment of the Sony Corporation some of the few factors that affect the marketing environment of Sony are written below.
• Strength of
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Social factors affecting Sony:- Social factors include or consist of cultural and external environment. The social factors affecting or influences of Sony vary from country to country. Social factors consist of following below.
• Some of the people are old fashioned they don’t want to adopt new products or items so they don’t buy new products launched by Sony and they give their negative views about products without even using them.
• Now a day’s older population mostly not interested in latest Sony products which have more better improvement and good features and one of the main reasons they do not purchase these products because they are very costly. Sony products are for the next generation so the older populations don’t go for the products of Sony.

• Due to expensive product of Sony as compared to its competitors many people’s can’t afford to buy their products For example mostly Pakistani citizens cant able to afford to buy Sony product so they go for cheaper products available in the

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