Social Factors Of Starbucks

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Task 3A

All companies have factors that affect the success of their business in the market. These are the political, legal, and social factors. This means that these three factors are given top priority in order for the companies to gain success. They have to conduct market investigation which will help these businesses to gather information to help their process of decision making in the market.
The first political factor that affects Starbucks is degree of political stability. This is their first step in branching out to different countries because they need to know if the country is political stable enough to provide raw good for them to use in their coffee shops.
The next political factor is regional integration which is a factor the
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This is a big threat especially in some developing countries because Starbucks has to increase their funds for human resources which results to them losing income.

Social factors also greatly impact the performance of the company. The first social factor is the constantly changing demographics which makes it difficult for Starbucks to predict the changes in the market. For example, the target market for Starbucks is 15-40 year old men and women. If there will be a change that will suddenly occur in the demographics of their target market, it will definitely affect the revenue of the company.
Migration is another social factor that affects Starbucks. If there will be a lot of people migrating or moving out of the country, this may decrease the demand of their products in the country that the people were originally in.
The last social factor is the growing coffee culture around the world. With this, Starbucks has a huge opportunity to increase the income of their company because of the increasing demand for their coffee.

As for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority these political, legal, and social factors greatly impact their business as
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The three political factors that was mentioned was focused on expanding globally and stability of the country’s government. They give their full attention on how the country is doing financially and socially. In order for Starbucks to find success, they have to first analyze the condition of the country. These legal factors affect the way their business goes. Starbucks really care for their employee and customers’ well-being. They believe that in order for the employee’s to give their maximum effort to work, they should be feel comfortable and happy working for the company. The products that they serve their customers have passed the safety and health regulations. The social factors that affect this company is focused on the target market and the amount of people that buy their products. Without the people, they would not be loved and well-known around the

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