Starbucks Stakeholder Analysis

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Management of Stakeholders at Starbucks
Irrespective of the size, every organization has its stakeholders. Stakeholders in this context refer to any person, or organization, that has some vested interests in the organization. These interests may be direct or derived. In this regard, Starbucks, which is the world’s most renowned coffee Store, has stakeholders. Due to its size and international presence, this organization has very many stakeholders, who cannot be exhaustively be discussed within the provisions of this report. However, this report presents a list of the key stakeholders who are directly involved in the operations of the organization. This report further analyzes the interests of each stakeholder and how the company
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Though each employee looks forward to a salary or wage, the employees of Starbucks are motivated by other factors too. Each employee prides in working in an organization that acknowledges his efforts. Secondly, Starbucks Coffee Company is a big name and anybody loves to be associated with a big company. Therefore, some employees work for Starbucks to gain that status.
The coffee farmers supply coffee to Starbucks. Each coffee farmer seeks to yield from the values which Starbucks operates under that include responsible purchasing policies for coffee. Additionally, Starbucks rewards coffee farmers dearly and therefore each coffee farmer seeks to benefit from this high pay.
Besides the coffee farmers, there are other countless suppliers who do business with Starbucks. These suppliers have diverse interests that make them do business with Starbucks. Some believe in the values of Starbucks while others supply as a normal way of doing business.
Environmental groups advocate for better environmental practices. It is for this reason that most choose to partner with Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbucks believes in safer environment for doing business and hence in accomplishing this it needs these groups. Due to this commonality, the environment groups find Starbucks as a perfect partner in conserving the
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This happens in accordance to the interests each group has on the company. For the shareholders, Starbucks holds a meeting annually to announce the progress and current the financial situation of the organization. Besides this, Starbucks involve the shareholders on all major decision making processes and maintain effective communication.
Starbucks values the quality of coffee it buys from farmers and it is for this reason that it pays premium prices for the coffee so as to motivate the farmers to grow quality coffee. Starbuck is has policies that guide its coffee purchasing, processing and selling. Through Coffee and Farmer Equity practices, the company is able to effectively manage the farmers. All the suppliers must conform to the business ethics cherished by Starbucks.
Through social responsibility, the company is able to reach out to the surrounding community and manage it. For example, in the year 2004, Starbuck made a donation of $ 1.8 million that helped establish basic social projects like schools, clinics, roads and water projects. Before establishing a coffee store anywhere, Starbucks consults extensively the members of the surrounding

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