Starbucks Triple Bottom Line Analysis

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The Importance of the Triple Bottom Line
Boyd Watson
Columbia Southern University

The triple bottom line is an accounting framework that incorporate three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial performances. The triple bottom line measures how an organization impacts people, the planet, and profits on both a local and a global scale. The triple bottom line can be a valuable tool to support sustainability goals for companies. Many businesses have adopted the triple bottom line sustainability framework to evaluate their performance. The triple bottom line is considered as a strength because it permits the user to adapt the general framework to the needs of dissimilar entities, dissimilar plans, strategies or different
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Sustainability means value-added for a company like Starbucks. People are willing to stand in line for a $2.50 cup of coffee or a specialty drink. People will go out of their way just to experience Starbucks. What Starbucks have accomplished was taking a low-cost product and redefining the coffee market. Starbucks has taken people away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Just as Starbucks connects with their customers, they value their employees, society and environment as well. Starbuck does this by sharing its economic success by supporting educational, health, and social service projects. The most important Starbucks contribution is to its coffee growers. Starbucks has the money to pay its coffee farmers, who in turns can uses traditional methods of farming, which helps preserve tropical forest. Back in 2001 Starbucks acquired help from the Conservation International group to help Starbucks revamp their ways of buying coffee and made a conscious decision to pay their coffee farmers a higher price for their coffee These coffee farmers must meet a list of social, environmental, economic, and quality standards. By doing this allows the coffee farmers to earn a good living, allows for conservation and provides Starbucks with excellent quality coffee beans, which is …show more content…
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