Japanese Human Resource Management Case Study

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Changes in Japanese HRM Systems:

Case of Sony’s Restructuring

(Group 10)

IBE455: HRM in Japan

Toshihiro Roppongi A1367977

Rika Kitanaka A1368678

Misa Sekine A1368348

Keito Okamoto A1468667


In 1990s, slow economic growth, financial crisis has lead Japan to the lost decade. Due to lower productivity, economic growth, increase in global competition, and the financial crisis, many firms in Japan faced severe competition and declining profits. From this, many Japanese firms were forced into restructuring their human resource management.

Sony was one of many companies that were subject to change their human resources drastically in the early 1990s. Using the concepts and theories we learnt in class, we would like to study the case of Sony’s reconstructing in 2008, comparing the changes
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It also discusses in detail the main reasons for Sony's problems including culture, competition and macro-environment issues

The case is structured to:

1.Examine the adverse implications of frequent restructuring at Sony Corporation

2.Analyse the impact of competition in the global consumer electronics industry on Sony

3.Evaluate the strategies being adopted by Sony to regain lost market share

4.Appreciate the importance of innovation and introducing new technologies in the consumer electronics industry

5.Critically study the latest restructuring plan proposed by Stringer in February 2009 and evaluate its efficacy

Changes made in Sony’s restructure:


Eliminating Employees


Benefits / After

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