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  • Masaru Ibuka Corporate Culture

    can be described as one that assigns superior value and unprecedented affection for the technology it harbors and the prospective technological devices it seeks to create. Of the diverse entities that endeavor to exploit such a fertile culture, the Sony Corporation, notorious in both name and economic power, is one that protrudes…

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  • Case Study Barco Projection Systems

    potential hurt its sales. Mistakes: The reliance on the Sony’s component, it is very scary that BPS is replying on Sony as their source of the part…

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  • Case Study Samsung

    up. 5 The Samsung brand is recognized by many people; because of the “products innovation” and “their thinking out of the box”. The main competition for Samsung is Sony Corporation because Sony has a variety of products and has expanded most of the market. For example Sony has TVs, entertainment (games, movies, game consoles). Sony and Samsung are alike in many ways they sell similar products and they are the biggest competition in the…

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  • Advantages And Differences Of PS4 Vs. Xbox One

    vs Xbox One The console wars have been going on since the late 1980’s. Every gamer has their preference on what they play. Whether it be PC, console, mobile, etc. Currently the two hottest consoles on the market are the Microsoft Xbox one and the Sony PS4. It has been over 3 years since these consoles have come out. They are both very good game consoles for this generation. They are both very similar in many ways, but they also have major differences. Trying to pick between PS4 and Xbox One is…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Rights Management In The Music Industry

    ANALYSIS Advantages As stated before, Digital Rights Management is very prominent in the entertainment business. DRM technologies are widely used in the music distribution business. The music industry in general has a fairly positive opinion about DRM as most music distributors claim that DRM help them safeguard their precious time and money investment. Since the music companies are being protected from piracy, they actually return profits out of their sales. This enables them to invest in…

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  • Compare And Contrast Psy's Ps4 Vs Xbox One

    NEXT GEN Sony’s PS4 vs Microsoft’s Xbox One is a conversation either you have heard about or a choice you have had to make. Choosing a gaming console for yourself or your kids is not as easy as it sounds considering the competitive sprit from both parties. Also, things such as price, bundles, and apps are all things to consider however, there is more about the console that meets the eye. They are defiantly the same in some categories however totally different in others. Making a $400…

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  • Oligopoly In Video Game Consoles

    production is low. In the long run profit is greater than normal. That is the list of several characteristics of on oligopoly. In the video game consoles there is only three companies that produce this product. They are Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. They also have a differentiated product line. It is very hard to gain entry into this business. They have market power because they are the only three. When one makes a new product it won’t be long before the others have it also. The one…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Xen Cinema Lenses

    Xeen cinema lenses: 3 now, 3 more to come Three new cinema lenses, 24, 50 and 85, all at T1.5 are the offer of a new name in the market: Xeen. Another way to say Samyang or Rokinon. Introduced in 2015, the new Xeen lenses for video and cinema are, as the information available suggests, “a masterpiece of design” only possible with the feedback from professional directors of photography. Samyang states they represent, also, the culmination of the company’s expertise in optical engineering. Xeen,…

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  • Everquest 2 Case Study

    Launching of Everquest II , an ethical dilemma Introduction Scott Mc Daniel, the Vice President for Marketing for Sony online Entertainment was facing an ethical dilemma. Everquest II, an online role-playing game (RPG) was supposed to be launched recently as a sequel to the hugely popular Everquest I launched back in 2004. The game had a dynamic storyline which would change on a monthly basis depending on the actions of the players and the guests. The game is supposed to become a huge success…

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  • Overview Of The Netflix: The Era Of Cable-Cutter

    Netflix: The Era of Cable-Cutters The word “Netflix” has been ingrained in populations all of the world to the point where it has become a common placeholder for groups of people, and couples, to spend their weekends inside, watching a movie or T.V. series from the comfort of their own homes. However, streaming movies from home was not always the case, or ease of use for that matter. Netflix began in 1997 in California by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Randolph co-founded MicroWarehouse which…

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