Sophomore slump

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  • Assignment 1.3 Individual Goals

    student groups so far, and will continue to explore as many organizations as possible before I decide where to commit my time and energy. C. Step #2: I plan to eventually pledge my efforts into a maximum of two or three groups, because I do not want to stretch myself too thinly during this year. I also want to have enough energy and time to form better relationships with others, instead of becoming too exhausted to do any activities. D. Step #3: I plan to consistently attend not only the large group meetings of my communities, but also appear at any special events or small group outings. I will check OrgSync and other resources to verify I can commit the time before signing up for such events. II. Goal #2: Avoid a “sophomore slump” by maintaining a good GPA through sophomore year. A. I will often visit the Student Success Center to receive assistance in a variety of different subjects, including PLTL and the Math Lab. B. Step #1: When school resumes in Fall 2017, I will choose to not bring any complacency I may have developed during freshman year. Instead, I will continue to work just as hard as I did in the past, and not take any grade for granted. C. Step #2: Whenever I encounter difficulties in my classes, I will head to the Student Success Center whenever possible, instead of thinking I can do it all on my own. I will also seek help from my classmates and professors. D. Step #3: I plan to skip procrastination and laziness in tackling school assignments. Even though the…

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  • Purpose And Benefits Of A Career Map

    While you were in Introduction to Business, you made a career map, and it mapped out all the Marketing courses you planned on taking the four years on campus and you even set goals for yourself in Marketing. However, by Spring of your sophomore year, you decide that Marketing just is not for you, and you want to switch your major to Accounting. Now that you have switched your major, your career map will not match up with the courses that you are now required to take. If changes occur, it is…

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  • Battle Of The Dueling Nobys Analysis

    ----------------------------------------- Battle of the Dueling Nobys ------------------------------------------ The episode of "Battle of the dueling Nobys" started at school. Saying "Hi" happily to his friends, Noby came to school earilier than usual. Everyone was quite surprise. And more surprisingly, Noby actually did all his home work. The whole class heard it, and nobodies believed that. Mr S walked into the class, Noby felt happy and weird about getting his homework done for the first…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Of Working With Children

    My Journey of Working With Children Not all journeys begin with a positive outlook or are wanted in the first place. One of my most memorable journeys began without a desire to take on the journey. This journey took place four years ago right after the school year concluded, the summer before my freshman year of high school. My mom signed me up to volunteer at the summer program my school holds every year for three weeks. My responsibility was to assist the teacher in charge of the kindergarten…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: Joining The Tennis Team

    Few people know that I was bullied. In my freshman year of high school, I joined the tennis team. As a newcomer, I found myself towered over by much older teammates. Bullying doesn’t always mean being beat up or teased. Instead, I was humiliated by their persistent taunts. They masked their verbal abuse towards me with “tough love” meant to enhance team performance. However, they accomplished the opposite. The dread of being ganged up on haunted me in the hours of the school day before practice.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Concert Choir

    the room, introducing himself and attempting to calm all the nerves that were jumping out of my body. He walked me through my tasks and we checked them off, one at a time. The audition went by so fast, my brain felt almost as foggy as my voice. After the audition, he complimented me and sent me on my way. The sincerity of the compliment was questionable, as I was sure he intended to say, “You did terrible, I am so sorry you have such an unpleasant voice.” Needless to say, I would not have been…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About My College Life

    everything goes. Still practicing every day with the team, asking questions along the way as well as taking mental notes. Not playing in games but gaining experience from the bench with teammates, again asking how this and that goes. Not able to travel with the team across the country and even overseas, but I’ll be using that time of improving on the court in every way possible. With watching film on our competition, gaining weight, gaining strength through my whole body, physically and…

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  • Indiana Student Council

    committee has been life-changing thus far, in a similar SLI, or Student Leadership Institute, was this past summer. This picture of my family from SLI symbolizes the changes I have made as a camper, as a leader, as a person. Many students have the wrong perceptions of student council: it is for popular kids, it looks good on a college resume, the student body does not care about me. I was not the class president, the star athlete, or even popular. I once fell victims to these beliefs. I ran for…

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  • Personal Narrative: First Day Of School

    Hayden Baron Tuesday, March 13 I had a great day today. It was the first day of school after Thanksgiving break, but I like almost all of my classes and have friends in all of them. Also, the track coach keeps telling me how much he wants me on the team! My dad encourages my running of multiple miles every day and loves watching me run. As I said earlier, I like MOST of my classes but not all of them. I have English with Miss Narwin, an old fashioned teacher that is way too serious when she…

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  • Alarm Clock Observation

    My alarm clock sounded, I opened my eyes, and sophomore year of high school began. I accomplished the Herculean effort of dragging myself to the shower, completed my routine, and drove to my high school. The first three classes ended and my teachers and the subjects they taught began the morning perfectly. I arrived at my fourth period history class which included a new teacher named Jordan Thompson and the drama that came with him. Whenever a new teacher began at my high school, gossip fills…

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