Swot Analysis Of Sony

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Brand analysis of the brand
Sony Corporation is a multinational electronics company, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics, video, communications and video game consoles. It name, Sony, comes from the latin word “Sonus”, which is the word for “Sound”. The current slogan for Sony is make.believe.
The brand logo has the name SONY itself in it, and has been the logo for the company for all the years.
The brand is involved with everything that revolves around entertainment. Such as music, pictures, television, video games, telecommunication. The Sony name and logo is associated with high technology electronic goods and innovations.
Sony has a broad customer
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Sony is not trending at the moment, rather the opposite. The market however, is continuously growing.

SWOT Analysis
To analyze Sony, I have conducted a SWOT analysis. This is to find out their current strengths, weaknesses, oppurtunites and threats. The strengths and weaknesses will be mostly internal factors, and the opportunities and threats will be external factors.

Strong brand
Sony is a brand that is well known in the world, and have a strong brand value. Was in 2011 survey as Asia’s most valued brand.
Continuosly growth in the electronics market.
The market is expected to grow at rate of over 7% annually.
Innovative products
One of Sony’s greatest strengths, is their ability to produce innovative quality products. Out of all its products, the PlayStation have been hugely successful since inception, and is still one of the most demanded video game consoles in the market.
Strong foothold in the entertainment industry
Even though some of its consumer-products has been declining, it has a strong foothold in the entertainment industry with Sony Music and Sony Pictures.
Strong position in emerging
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This way, Sony can focus on their core competencies and creates more value for the customers. Then the marketers, engineers and technologists need to have a shared understanding of customer needs. This will help Sony in managing diversification. First, Sony need to find out in which of the segment they are doing well now. Then they need to find out if this category is something that will continuously trending or fade over the years. Focus on the trending markets in order to be the first with new innovation and earn back that image of the “first in the world” innovation products. To find out what is trending, there can be done surveys and focus

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