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  • Hydroweb Case Study

    EuroAquae Module 1.5 HydroWeb WS 2016/2017 Questionnaire for Personal Academic Recognition and Assessment 1. HydroWeb Participant Name Mihovil Turcinov Location Cottbus/Manila Team 4 2. Teamwork 2.1. Please give a short description of the team work collaboration approach applied in your team (team management, communication and coordination, work plan, work distribution, ...) Our team consisted of 8 students from three different locations. The locations were as follows: Barcelona(3…

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  • Personal Narrative: Life's A Fight

    Life’s a Fight I still remember the day I meet him; it was a hot and sunny day. our first class had ended, and I was putting away my Spanish class notebook. Suddenly, I see the principle coming through our class room door, but he was not alone. Behind him, there was twelve-year-old boy. His skin was light brown, dark hair, and with a friendly face. By the look he had on his face, you could tell this wasn’t his first time being the new kid. To be honest, I didn’t like something about him.…

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  • Technology's Effect On Children And The Future Generation

    a young woman named Ellen and she would use Skype to communicate with her grandmother.” Allowed her to communicate from Paris to Philadelphia (pg.190-194, The Blair Reader). In which we are able to see that it isn’t always bad but that these apps can help bring people from around the world together. Different forms of social media such as Skype and Facebook allow for people to communicate with a touch of a button and free of charge. Facebook and Skype are known worldwide because these are apps…

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  • My Mind As I Can Tell-But It's Changing By Nicholas Carr

    In his thesis Nicholas Carr states his opinion by saying “My mind isn’t going-so far as I can tell- but it’s changing” he’s stating that he’s not stupid but Carr’s way of processing and receiving information is different than it used to be since technology has taken over his day to day life. He’s reasons for his opinion is that he’s not reading as he used to, not comprehending the same way and he’s concentration is not there anymore, he’s mind wonders back and forth. In his essay Carr talks…

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  • What Is The Inevitable Death Of The Internet?

    Since the release of the public World Wide Web in 1993 the internet, as well as the programs shared and created on it, has developed into a significant part of our lives. We use it to communicate over long distances, locate businesses, find job offerings, directions, inspiration, share our thoughts and opinions with others, and even as an escape from. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’ve become co-dependent on so many of the applications of the web. But could you imagine if all the websites…

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  • Important Changes In The 20th Century

    for free such as whatsapp, skype, facetime, LINE and imessage etc. For instance, I have many foreign friends who live in different countries. I need to call or see them regularly since I really love to talk to them about everything. As many people know, calling abroad is such a huge burden for your phone bill, but thanks to Internet connection I can be in touch with them on regular basis. I can text them everyday on whatsapp, call them on Viber or have a video chat on skype or Facetime if they…

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  • Recommendation For Mobile Restaurant Business

    has a long lasting battery. Get V4 compatible Bluetooth capability. They can be found for approximately $25 to $50 dollars. Software – The software you need will be included with your subscription to Office 365 and includes OneNote, Outlook, Excel, Skype, PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher. You should seek out classes on these so that you can understand how to use these applications. Security – All of your cloud files will be backed up and kept secure by the host. You should purchase a virus…

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  • The Effects Of External Factors On Relationships

    Relationships come and go over time, but there is always external factors that directly influence how our relationships with people end and or how new relationships start up. Our relationships can be altered by simply the distance between one another, for with a new location, we create new relationships and old relationships may remain or change. Relationships can also change by our demands and interests, for if we have a girlfriend or boyfriend or an intensive job, we may have to choose one…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Voip Part B

    over the Internet as digital data. Computer-to-computer VoIP is usually thought of as the simplest way to use VoIP, as it simply requires a computer with basic peripherals, an internet connection and can easily be used with popular software such as Skype. What devices are involved from transferring Alice’s voice to the sound that Bob receives? Alice and Bob will both require a computer (or laptop) device in order to transfer sound. Alice will require a microphone to be able to speak into and Bob…

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  • Mind Over Mass Media By Steven Pinker

    Computers, iPhones, texts, Google, and Netflix. Today’s world is full of the labors and fruits of innovation. Without this new technology, we feel and, in a sense, are naked. Our phones are with us from the time we wake up in the morning to the time that we close our eyes; and even then, they rest next to our beds, waiting for up to arise and begin a new day. When we want to know how something works, Google is right at our side satisfying our curiosity the instant it arises. Our greatest…

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