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  • Google Hangouts: How Do Communication Technologies Affect Behavior?

    is much like Skype in that it utilizes video calling and video conferencing between two or more individuals or groups, however, Hangouts has certain features such as computer-to-phone calling and supports up to 10 people in one video chat for free – services that Skype charges in their Skype Premium plan. Ultimately, it would seem that Hangouts would be the cheapest and most versatile software to use, however, the variety of other communication software made available such as Skype gives us…

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  • Social Media Internship Analysis

    are saying or how they are saying it. I brought up the idea that they could Skype the carriers when they need to communicate or invite them to the weekly meetings to give them a chance to get real time communication instead of going through different people and causing a disaster. My uncle then asked me how Skype would be different then email or a phone call and I explained from my advanced social media class, that Skype will allow them to see the carriers and it will be the closest to real time…

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  • Online Intimacy Argument Essay

    lived next door to each other, yet the most they met was on the internet. Kyle Chayka in his op-ed for The New Republic makes an argument that in our age of social technology that people should lighten up to the idea of online intimacy. In the age of Skype, Facebook, Tumblr and countless other sites, talking online has become nothing besides a common activity. So why is it that whenever someone claims…

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  • The Importance Of Internet Protocol Version 4

    Internet protocol version four (IPv4) is the current networking protocol used by any device that is connected to the network today. Internet protocol defines a set of rules on how data packets are formatted and sent across the Internet or local network (Carroll, 2014). The issue with IPv4 is that its available Internet address space is running out (Banks, 2015). Today, more and more electronic devices will need Internet addresses in order to communicate with other devices. Devices such as…

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  • The Reflection Of Teaching English As A Second Language

    may be effected in a different way in their course of learning. I interviewed an educator by the name of Salvatore Di Giallonardo, who is the creator, director, and a teacher for Languages for Communications school in Pescara, Italy. I was able to skype him several times during this process to gain as much knowledge on the effects teaching English to students who spoke a different language. During the interview, I explored with these questions: What do the students do when they make an error…

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  • The Importance Of Relationship

    finally "make official" what we had been feeling for quite some time. Our Skype and Facebook Messenger logs are a testament to all of our long distance communication. We have several thousand pages of messages and several hundred hours of video and voice calls. We also tried to have more traditional "date nights" where we did some sort of activity together. We used to cook together on occasion by making the same recipe over Skype, and we often watched Netflix together on a web tool called…

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  • The Importance Of Medical Interpreting

    INTRODUCTION Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going – Rita Mae Brown. Language is very crucial when it comes to communication. What happens when a patient is going through a lot of pain of some health problems, and cannot convey this to his or her doctor because they do not speak the same language? For such situations, health care facilities need individuals who not only speak the same language as the patient and doctor but also…

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  • Education In Australia Essay

    communication styles; which includes: email, skype, wiki blogs, and through Google docs. I was shocked to discover that the educational system in Australia is very similar to the system that we are familiar with here in the United States. Through email, the students from Victoria University shared that Australia places a high value on education. They show this by allowing each student to choose where they want to attend school at, tuition free. The costs are…

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  • The Importance Of Business Letters In Japanese Business

    Both Business letters and emails are commonly accepted ways of written communication in Japanese businesses. Written forms of communication should be to the point and clear to the reader. A concise, although friendly, message is the norm among the majority of written letters or emails. When composing a letter in Japan, it is crucial to include the name of the sender and the business with which that person works with and place the recipient’s information on the opposite side of the paper. The use…

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  • Personal Narrative: Role-Play

    He would listen to my constant rants, Skype me for over 7 hours, and put up with my temperamental moods. I remember the moments where I used his problem of being a germaphobe, and plot it in the most evil ways against, Dylan. Our Skype calls would consist of him screaming, “TAYLURRRRRHHH!” (Taylor is the name he met me by on my role-play, it’s a unisex name when using various types of…

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