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  • How To Read Aloud Reflection

    I believe the strengths of my lesson were keeping the students on task and including all students in the lesson. I kept students on task by explaining my expectations and showing enthusiasm before the lesson. This made the students aware of their behaviors and became engaged because they sensed my enthusiasm. I grabbed their attention by doing a small version of Simon Says. For example, I said, “If you are ready to learn, touch the sky.” I did 3 of these at a time and reminded the students to…

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  • Middle School Classroom Observation

    In the past month, I have been traveling to Williams Middle School in Florence, South Carolina to observe a dance educator and Coker alumni, Ashley Lesage. After the opportunity of observing twice, there were a few things I agreed with and did not agree with as far as the students and teaching methods. September 15, 2016 was my first time observing in Ms. Lesage’s classroom. One of the first things I noticed amongst the students were their clothing attire. In a dance studio, usually an observer…

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  • Weekly Reflection: Improving Student Engagement In The Classroom

    improve my instructional focus by connecting creative ideas with founded credible resources to increase student engagement. Rationale: I want to improve my teaching by looking for credible resources and implementing these new ideas in future lesson plans. Right now in our lessons we tend to do the same thing each week for opening and closings, so I would like to use some of my new ideas in the lessons so it can be more engaging. In these sections we play Chickionary, Boggle, Hangman, and Word…

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  • Gloria Hurtado Earthquake

    Minutes into Gloria Hurtado’s seventh-grade math class at Santa Rosa Middle School on Thursday, a rumbling noise erupted from the intercom. It sounded like a major earthquake, and Hurtado’s 35 students immediately knew what to do: drop, seek cover and hold on. “Duck and cover! Duck and cover!” Hurtado said as she moved toward the classroom’s doorway. The students crouched beneath desks that were bunched together in small groups. Some giggled amid the unusual mid-morning scene. Then the…

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  • Beyond Solo Teaching Rhetorical Analysis

    Prompt 1: The Feiman-Nemser article discusses why new teachers need mentor teachers. What are Feiman-Nemser’s primary reasons for advocating mentoring programs for new teachers, and do you agree with her ideas? Why or why not? New teachers often find themselves overwhelmed with unforeseen demands of the classroom. In the article “Beyond Solo Teaching”, Feiman-Nemser discuss some of the challenges a first-year teacher may face and the importance of assigning a mentor teacher. I agree with…

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  • Welcome Speech For A Farewell Speech

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Esmeralda Gomez Sheran and I’m Dayton Ryden. First of all we would like to thank each and everyone of you for being here tonight, please know we are pleased to have you and we are proud of you for helping support the TNT grads along their journey. We are here tonight in order to celebrate all of our success with Teach North Texas, a program that didn’t just teach us how to survive in a classroom, but how to thrive in one. One of the many truths we’ve…

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  • Essay On Classroom Technology

    Introduction The use of technology in the classroom is beneficial not only to the students, but also to the teacher. Not only does the convenient access to these resources make it easy for a student and instructor to access a webpage from anywhere, but they also help the instructor apply their lesson concepts through the use of fun activities. There are many resources available to educators to use as teaching aids in their classrooms, all of these resources can be accessed with different digital…

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  • Shared And Guided Reading

    The use of both shared and guided reading is an important part of developing a child’s literacy in early childhood, they both allow the students to interact and be involved in the reading process, however they do have some fundamental differences in structure and classroom use. Shared reading for example is when either a small group of students or sometimes a whole class sits in with the teacher using a large text. The structure of a shared reading lesson involves multiple readings; the first…

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  • Reflection In Physical Education

    A brief overview of the lesson content was clearly explained for the first five minutes. The overview allowed students to be aware of the basketball skills such as dribbling and passing which would be covered in the lesson.. The short and clear overview of the lesson allowed the teacher to reduce her instructional time therefore students were able to get physically active immediately. Students were positioned in a half circle during this time. This was an effective strategy as every student was…

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  • The Importance Of A Career In The Early Education Field Of Education

    Early Education field of teaching, specifically I would like to be a kindergarten teacher. Teaching is more than it appears. As I have learned, it involves handling kids from good homes, kids from abusive homes, spending long hours working on lesson plans, grading papers, planning holiday parties, and working to make sure your kids are understanding and able to grasp what you are teaching them. As well as trying to make it a fun and safe environment…

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