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  • Life Among The Piutes By Sarah Winnemucca Analysis

    The following is from Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Winnemucca wrote her book Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims in 1882. Winnemucca wrote this book to help highlight stories of her people and the interactions they had with white European and American settlers. Winnemucca hoped her writings would have the desired outcome of forcing change and getting public opinion and government officials on the sides of Native American tribes. Winnemucca portrayed cross-cultural interaction as…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Growing Up As A Young Girl

    Have you ever asked a little girl what she wants to be when she grows up? The usual response is no different from her male counterparts. As young children they don’t pay much mind to gender roles. Girls and boys are equally likely to have confidence in their athletic and leadership skills. As girls grow up they grow more and more doubtful and discouraged from those things. Women are originally not so insecure and we have our own ideas of what we want in life. What is to blame for this sudden…

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  • Miss Representation Summary

    reported whilst in or running for office. The media is harmful in their insistence to sexualize women, such as Sarah Palin, and ignoring all aspects of her political beliefs to reflect instead upon her appearance and sexuality, taking away her power and ability to be seen as an intellectual or an equal to any other men in politics. A reporter herself insisted that all people are talking about are Sarah Palin’s breasts, as opposed to her achievements or beliefs. On the other end of the spectrum,…

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  • Fey And Poehler: A Feminist Analysis

    This sketch was one of the many moments Saturday Night Live as particularly feminist. Fey and Poehler, along with writer and performer Seth Meyers pointed out the fact that the way American politics was sexist; they were not going to remain quiet about, instead they pointed it out through a parody and got people thinking about the qualifications of the candidates rather than their sex. Another humorous feminist moment during the 2008 election was when Fey guest starred during a Weekend Update…

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  • Analysis Of No Second Troy

    “No Second Troy” is a poem by W.B. Yeats about his love relationship with a beautiful Irish woman called Maud Gonne. The poem is one of the greatest literary love stories of the twentieth century. It indicates how beauty can cause a tragic distraction with the reference to Helen of Troy. “Leda and the Swan” is another poem written by W.B. Yeats, it retells the fantasy from the Greek mythology of how Zeus - the most powerful god of all - raped Leda, the daughter of the king of Sparta, taking the…

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  • The Three Categories Of Science Fiction

    the well-known character Sarah Jane. Looking into the narrative form for this episode, it starts with a narration from Sarah Jane herself - although not known to the audience yet - and then transitions into a television ad from which one of the recurring main actors to this season is introduced. The episode does well in not cramming every main character into the audiences mind straight away but gives the full feature length episode for each character to be developed. Sarah Jane Smith as an…

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  • Symbolism In Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

    “The Raven” is a poem expressed in the form of a story that the author, Edgar Allen Poe, uses an amazing combination of symbolism, imagery, and wordplay to display the love and supernatural aspect that correlates to the deaf of the man’s love, Lenore. These elements help support the theme. The theme of “The Raven” is the sadness and grief that is brought along when a love one is lost eternalized and can never be fixed. The symbols are in the form of objects and figures. The imagery in the poem…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Tragic Hero Research Paper

    In a tragedy, the tragic hero is the protagonist that the author uses to give his/ her point of view on the inappropriate tendencies of humans. The tragic hero ultimately causes his own suffering because of basic human characteristics, but through the hero’s defeat, humanity is validated and is proved to have a better outlook. Three main theories of the tragic hero are the Aristotelian model, the Shakespearean model, and the modern tragic hero. Each model has five defining characteristics,…

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  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    The 1991 science fiction action film, Terminator 2: Judgement Day vastly explores a small rift in time (1995) just years before the world becomes a destructive place where technology has greatly evolved, to the point of exterminating humans, via the form of an AI(artificial intelligence) system called Skynet. However the dark future of Skynet is tied up to the present day via form of time travel, as the AI sends a Terminator back in to the current time set in Terminator 2 (T2) to kill John…

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  • The Role Of Nature And Science In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    In Frankenstein, Nature and science have brought a significant impact onto the characters. The progression of science combined with nature leads to a debacle. With this, there are various effects and roles shown through nature and science. Mary Shelley expresses her message about this. In her times, she was part of the transition from the Enlightenment to the Romanticist age and this led her to composing a story with nature and science competing against each other. From the struggles between the…

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