My First Day Research Paper

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Do you remember the first day of school? The excitement of what is ahead, the on edge feeling of making new friends and fitting in, and the frightening feeling of the unknown? If you take all of those feelings and heighten them to a new level that is how I felt. I have been on pins and needles all today, packing to go off to college. Because of my desire to pursue a degree in education, I had chosen to attend Texas A&M University, which was three hours away from my hometown. After several trips to the car, I was just about ready to hit the road. I traveled with no idea what to expect starting school in a completely new city. Like Sarah, when she answered Jacob`s advertisement and agreed to travel from Maine, I also agreed to move to an unfamiliar …show more content…
“Something is missing. (MacLachlan 36)” Sarah told Caleb. My family and friends were over three hours away, consequently; they are not as accessible to me as they were before. I felt deserted and I was home sick, just as Sarah did two weeks into her visit. I underestimated how hard it was for me going off to college, but as time progressed things began to get enjoyable. Instead of continuously dwelling on the point that I missed my family and friends, I started to look at the glass half-full and not have empty. “There is always something to miss, no matter where you are, (MacLachlan 49,)” Sarah added as she comforted Maggie. Sarah`s conversation with Maggie expressed that there is always something to miss no matter the circumstances, so I put on a brave face and stop concerning myself with things I missed from home. I begin to focus solely on school while supports me every step of the way.
I realized that I was growing and learning along the way as I had a huge leap from being at home in high to becoming a full-time college in completely new surroundings. I mustered up the courageous to place myself in new circumstances and accepting changing. By essentially exposing myself in this new city, living with a new person, grew to accept and embrace the journey and focus on school instead missing my family and friends. Sarah went on a

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