When School Was Scary And The Ballad Of Birmingham

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The article “When School Was Scary” and the poem “The Ballad of Birmingham” both show very harmful events. The event that happened to the little girl in “The Ballad of Birmingham” is very different and more effective/powerful compared to what happened in “When School Was Scary”. In the article, Elizabeth got verbally and physically abused, but in the poem, the little girl walks into a church and then it gets bombed. Getting blown up is more destructive than getting bullied.
In the article “When School Was Scary”, the author shows the reader that Elizabeth gets abused because of her skin color. Everyone in the school that Elizabeth got transferred to was white. The only black people were Elizabeth and the 8 other girls that got transferred with
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The little girl’s mom will not let her march the streets with the others because it is dangerous. She tells her to go to the church to be in the choir, but the church ends up getting bombed. The mother says, “No, baby, no, you may not go, For I fear those guns will fire. But you may go to church instead And sing in the children’s choir.” This is what the mother is doing to try and keep her child safe, but ends up leading her to her death. The mom fears that there will be guns at the march and her child will die. So she makes her go to the church, and her child ends up dying there because of the horrible bombing. To show that the mom realizes the child is dead, the poem says, “For when she heard the explosion, Her eyes grew wet and wild.” The bomb at the church exploded and she knows that her child is now dead. This shows that people will do anything to harm others. Both of these events-the bombing and the abuse-happened during the Civil Rights Movement and happened to only colored …show more content…
The little girl wants to go out on a Freedom March along with a lot of people from the area. The march is so colored people get the same rights as the white people. The mother tells her to go to the church instead, and the girl ends up dying. The mom was just trying to keep her child safe but the church ends up being the final place the child sees. She died because she was an African American, and this happened when colored people did not have equal rights like the rest of the people did. Bombing is a more powerful event than bullying. Elizabeth in “When School Was Scary”, got bullied for the same reason though. People were not accepting of colored people, and it was during the Civil Rights Movement. They didn’t just bully her though. She got physically and verbally abused. People would push and grab her for no reason, and just flat out be rude. The abuse that she went through was really horrible, but the bombing was even

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