Big Sky Big Money Study Questions

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1. Use at least one theoretical perspective (Functionalist/Pluralist, Conflict/Elite) to analyze the film, Big Sky, Big Money. Which perspective do you think most effectively explains the political dynamics represented in the film? Why?
In the video, “ Big Sky, Big money:, it is talking about the election in Montana. The state of Montana is said to have fund money which we don’t know where it is coming from and there is a certain group who supports the election secretly by funding the candidate. I think in this video the elite theory could be explained. Elite theory is a theory of the state which seeks to describe and explain the power relationships in contemporary society. States that are controlled in democratic societies is in the hands
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How do you view the connection between wealth and politics? Is the relationship problematic? Why or why not?
Wealth and politics are greatly related. We can say that the government works in wealth and money is the power. As we can see as an example of Montana, no one knows who control the election, even the government. It is seriously a problematic issue because the power comes from the wealthy groups, not the government. In democratic, the superior should not exist, but at least, the one who holds the power should be the government, and the wealth destroys that
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In the article, “From an early age, walking home from elementary school with his older brother, Agostini took note of the differential treatment police gave to black people in his community” (Melinda D. Anderson). Even young age of kids has to feel the difference between the treatment of among white and black. It is not all the problems but also the problem of health care, incarceration rate, the rate of uninsured, and also education system. On the other article, “Among the 200 biggest school districts in the U.S., Seattle has the fifth-biggest gap in achievement between black and white students” (Balk Gene). Treatment was different according to the color of a skin. For example, the education for white and black was different, the quality of curriculum was different, and even the teachers were leveled depends on its skill. The result of these has come up with the gap between black and white. White kids were learning higher education and also in a better environment with better-educated teachers. In the article, “Compared with their white peers in the city, black students lag by three and a half grade levels” (Balk Gene)” This segregated education system can be affected locally according to the state's cities like Washington, D.C; Atlanta; Charleston, S.C.; and California. I think it is serious problem in locally, however, national could have more affected racial achievement gaps. They have the high level of

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