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  • Theme Of Loyalty In The Crucible

    Impact of Loyalty in The Crucible The deaths of thirty-seven innocent Salem community members in a three-month span resulted from the witch trials of 1692. These deaths resulted from false accusations for selfish reasons supported by an oppressive Puritan based government in the Salem area. These so-called witch trials are so famous that there have been many works of literature as well as movies based off of them. The most notable of these is Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. It is a story based on the historical facts surrounding the horrific events that unfolded in the 1692 witch trials, which pitted neighbor against neighbor in the tight-knit community of Salem, Massachusetts. Many past as well as present relationships were tested-some passed and some failed. Arthur Miller emphasizes the theme of loyalty in The Crucible through his characterization of Elizabeth and John Proctor, as well as Abigail Williams. Each have a different brand of loyalty that impacts the outcome in a significant way. Elizabeth’s loyalty is so deep-rooted and consistent that it influences John in such a way that affects major events in The Crucible. When the judges summoned Elizabeth to the court to say whether John had “known” Abigail, she remained loyal to what she believed John would want her to say, and in the process of doing so, she revealed that she had known of the affair since the beginning. John asks Elizabeth, “Would you give them such a lie? Say it. Would you ever give them this?”…

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  • When School Was Scary And The Ballad Of Birmingham

    The article “When School Was Scary” and the poem “The Ballad of Birmingham” both show very harmful events. The event that happened to the little girl in “The Ballad of Birmingham” is very different and more effective/powerful compared to what happened in “When School Was Scary”. In the article, Elizabeth got verbally and physically abused, but in the poem, the little girl walks into a church and then it gets bombed. Getting blown up is more destructive than getting bullied. In the article “When…

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  • Sameness And Conformity In The Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible

    Parris’s house, Tituba was a spirited and entertaining character. Even though she constantly missed home and was forced to do hard labor, she still kept her smile and positive attitude. She never disobeyed Rev. Parris and was there in his life experiences. For example, she was there when Parris met his wife, when he ventured into ministry to become and reverend and when his children were born. Because she lived with Parris, she knew a lot about him including his controversial secrets, which he…

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  • What Is Fear In The Crucible

    Some might ask what I think of fear. To me fear is something you are afraid of. Like when your secret is about to come out and you get to believing that everyone won’t like you if it does. Or when your mom is close to finding out something you do on the low with your friends. Now here’s examples of fear in the article “The Crucible”, let’s get to it. Reverend Parris plays the Minister and mind you he’s the father of Betty. The article tells us his fear is ruining his reputation, and losing his…

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  • The Crucible Reverend Parris Analysis

    Minister in Salem. What does Reverend Parris believe? He believes that something might force him to leave Salem, so he tries to strengthen his say through the witch trial proceedings. Betty Parris Parris' daughter. Her father discovers her dancing in the woods, and she later accuses individuals of practicing witchcraft. She's a 40 year old slave and is scared because she's always abused, she's accused of witchcraft Abigail used to work as a maid for Proctor and she had an affair with John…

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  • Inaccuracies In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    He had a wife at the time of the trials named Elizabeth Parris. He also not only had a daughter named Betty, but two other children. He had an older son named Thomas and a younger daughter named Susannah. His wife did pass away not to long after the Trials were put to an end though (Fact & Fiction). While he was the third reverend replacement Salem had received, he was actually the third one in the past sixteen years, not the past seven (“Salem Transcription Project”). While Parris claims to see…

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  • Theme Of Punishment In The Crucible

    on the Salem witch trials. The central idea of the crucible is the fear of the characters driving them to commit selfish acts. One night Betty Parris, Abigail Williams, Tituba, and other girls from Salem were found dancing naked in the forest by Reverend Samuel Parris the father of Betty. The people of Salem then begin to fear ruining their reputations, unnatural causes leading to the collapse of normal social values, and the court. Salem being such a small village the people fear ruining…

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  • Betty Friedan Criticism Of The Feminine Mystique

    The Feminine Mystique was a call for women confined in the housewife trap to forge a revolution. Betty Friedan argues that society had stunted the growth of women, preventing her development through prejudice in education, science, and media outlets. Freidan reasons that the haze that had descended over the middle-classed suburbanites of the 1950’s has stripped women bare of identity with a false promise of fulfilment. Freidan contends for the equality of women, but since her argument is…

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  • Conformism In The 1960s Essay

    The role of women shifted from a stay at home lifestyle to a more active and involved one. This change showed how Americans were starting to reject social norms and change American from within. The Feminine Mystique, written in 1963 by Betty Friedan, was a very popular book that put on display the public opinion about women’s rights at the time (Evelyn Reed 1964). It was one of the most influential, nonfiction books during the 1960s and continues to have influence to this day. The Feminine…

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  • Explain The Romantic Elements In The Daffodils By William Wordsworth

    Essay about The romantic elements in "The daffodils" Williams Wordworth William Wordsworth's "Daffodils" incorporates the ideas and aspects that are essential in poetry from the Romantic movement. Various peaceful images of nature, including a field of daffodils, possess human qualities in the poem. These natural images express Wordsworth's self-reflections, whether it be tranquil solitude at the beginning of the poem or excitement about being in the company of daffodils at the…

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