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  • Theme Of Loyalty In The Crucible

    Impact of Loyalty in The Crucible The deaths of thirty-seven innocent Salem community members in a three-month span resulted from the witch trials of 1692. These deaths resulted from false accusations for selfish reasons supported by an oppressive Puritan based government in the Salem area. These so-called witch trials are so famous that there have been many works of literature as well as movies based off of them. The most notable of these is Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. It is a story based on the historical facts surrounding the horrific events that unfolded in the 1692 witch trials, which pitted neighbor against neighbor in the tight-knit community of Salem, Massachusetts. Many past as well as present relationships were tested-some passed and some failed. Arthur Miller emphasizes the theme of loyalty in The Crucible through his characterization of Elizabeth and John Proctor, as well as Abigail Williams. Each have a different brand of loyalty that impacts the outcome in a significant way. Elizabeth’s loyalty is so deep-rooted and consistent that it influences John in such a way that affects major events in The Crucible. When the judges summoned Elizabeth to the court to say whether John had “known” Abigail, she remained loyal to what she believed John would want her to say, and in the process of doing so, she revealed that she had known of the affair since the beginning. John asks Elizabeth, “Would you give them such a lie? Say it. Would you ever give them this?”…

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  • Kara Danver: A Fictional Narrative

    Kara Danvers had been doing some laps of National City, trying to rid herself of the nightmare that had been plaguing her for the last few nights. That nights had by far been the worst though, reliving the horror of losing her planet but for some reason Lena Luthor was there. She was left on the planet as Kara was sent away and it had jarred her. She needed to see her sister, maybe talk through why but halfway there she realised that it was date night. Her sister was probably with Maggie and as…

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  • Monsignor Danver: A Short Story

    Tanja, the Wise Man’s German shepherd, was taking point as she was snooping around the hallways and classrooms of Monsignor Danvers’ Real World version, helping her owner and DHvKA look for the other M-Bomb. Apart from being a nerve wracking experience for the Ryanites, especially because of the fact that many of them had little idea as to how they were going to defuse the device. But with the Wise Man keeping everyone’s feelings and thoughts under control, a sense of assured self-confidence…

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  • Ambiguity Of Mrs. Danvers And Rebecca In 'The Celluloid Closet'

    Along with conflicting perspectives of Mrs. Danvers and her relationship with Rebecca, part of the ambiguity of Mrs. Danvers and Rebecca’s relationship stems from Rebecca’s physical absence in the narrative. Rebecca cannot speak for herself, and she is never shown in the story, but her absence speaks much louder than her words ever could. Because of this absence, her feelings and even her sexuality have to be inferred through dialogue and other characters’ descriptions of her. Every person the…

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  • How Does Mrs Danvers Affect Rebecca's Death

    Danvers was greatly impacted by Rebecca and her death. Mrs. Danvers was the head maid of the estate, Manderley, where Rebecca and Maxim lived. Mrs. Danvers seemed to worship Rebecca and made sure to do everything she asked and liked. When Rebecca passed away, Mrs. Danvers continued to do things the way Rebecca did and pressured other people, such as the narrator, to do the same. Mrs. Danvers also chooses to immediately dislike the second Mrs. De Winter because she felt that no one could replace…

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  • Mrs De Rebecca Film Analysis

    than Mrs. Danvers and Mrs. de Winter provide excellent evidence both for the unreliability of Mrs. de Winter’s perspective and a deeper relationship between Rebecca and Mrs. de Danvers. When Beatrice and Mrs. de Winter discuss the relationship between Mrs. Danvers and Rebecca, instead of the usual tension, viewers learn that Mrs. Danvers and Rebecca came to Manderley together and that she “simply adored” Rebecca. This phrasing is particularly important, as earlier Mrs. Van der Hopper says Mr. de…

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  • Evil Is In The Air We Breath Character Analysis

    Daphne Du Maurier’s, Rebecca, the battle between good and evil is portrayed through the main characters of the novel. Generally speaking, the Narrator and Maxim are on the side of good while Rebecca and Mrs. Danvers are seen as evil. Although Rebecca is described as a beautiful and much-loved person, she is actually wicked, cruel and manipulative. Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper at Manderley, is very devoted to Rebecca and her memory. This motivates her to plot against the Narrator and torment…

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  • The Past, By Daphne Du Maurier's 'Memory And The Past'

    married to go with him to Manderley. After that she meets Mrs. Danvers and the narrator feels uncomfortable because she seems like a devil woman. The narrator feels deeply frustrate and upset because she thinks Maxim loves Rebecca crazily. Then she founds the secret that Maxim does not love Rebecca, so she becomes better and gets confidence…

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  • Rebecca Movie Vs Book

    Firstly the difference between film and novel is the emotion of Mrs. Danvers. In various places in the novel the author has mentioned that Mrs. Danvers is emotional and cries in front of others while speaking or thinking about Rebecca. While in film, Mrs. Danvers is someone who is determined to keep her image alive after Rebecca s death. Secondly, the status of the loneliness of Mrs. De Winter is another obvious difference. In novel it was told that Mr. De Winter confident and best…

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  • Rebecca Alfred Hitchock Analysis

    The film is a gothic thriller about a young, naive and plain woman who falls in love with a brooding aristocratic widower, Maxim de Winter. They get married and move into his estate called Manderley but while there the new bride begins to feel paranoia and fear caused by the memories and presence of Mr de Winter’s first wife Rebecca brought to surface through her loyal and trusted housekeeper Ms Danvers. The film ends with the discovery that Rebecca and Maxim’s marriage was built upon a lie and…

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