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  • The Importance Of Banning Cell Phones In School

    Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone in 1874. From this generation on, the evolution of the phone has impacted our society immensely. Phones have gone from a simpler way to communicate without travel or write a letter, to everyone having them as a daily item in their pocket you can't forget. If something were to happen to your present day phone, it's easy to freak out, especially if you forget it at home, or drop it to the ground (or break it with a discus). However dependent…

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  • Cell Phone Benefits

    Occasionally modern technology happens to be frowned upon. However, is it because they hate it, or because they do not understand the technology itself. Cell phones happen to provide quite a reassuring secure feeling for many civilians. On several occasions, I have overheard some people refer to their cell phone as their security blanket. Because when used properly I believe the cell phones reassuring benefits out way the cost that cell phones cause when being used at inappropriate times. Such…

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  • Are Smartphones Making USupid Analysis

    Over the course of time, my use of technology has gradually increased. However, unfortunately, I’m not the only person that’s struggling with the same problem. According to the article “Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?”, Christopher Bergland states that everyone around the world is engaged with some sort of technology. Technology ranges from phones, computers, television, tablets, etc. therefore, it’s almost impossible not to use it. However, there is always improvement for everything. In the…

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  • Pau Paul Greenberger's Disconnected Urbanism By Paul Goldberger

    Disconnected Urbanism by Paul Goldberger argues cell phone usage initiates the isolation between the reality of society’s surroundings and presence by insisting that calling or texting someone diminishes the importance of culture and place. Goldberger states, “You are there, but you are not there,” which means cell phones demolish a person's potential to experience complete urbanism in a precise location, but instead transports individuals to another realm. His entire argument on phones is based…

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  • Smartphone Technology Case Study

    2.1.4 Smartphone's technologies Many users around the world feel attached to their mobile phones, back in around late 1980's the very first mobile phone was available in the market for purchase, of course not everyone could afford to buy it at that time yet it had limited functionality such as making calls and possibly sending text messages, then it gradually changed from there towards these technologies. As the names suggests, smart phones are multifunction device which allows its users…

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  • Causes Of Smartphone Addiction

    With the new development in the calling devices, people started to spend more time on their phones. Recently the smartphones are taking a huge part of the people lives. This created a new type of addictions, which is the addition to the smartphones. This addiction is all about spending most of the time in the day using the phone, without having control on that. The addition of the smartphones is similar to other types of addictions such as the addiction to smoking and the addiction of coffee.…

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  • No Need To Call Analysis

    It is safe to say that the telephone has changed drastically since Alexander Graham Bell spoke into a telephone for the first time in March of 1876. From a rotary phone, to a Motorola RAZR, all the way to an iPhone, tactics of communication are constantly improving. The telephone, which not too long ago was new in technology, is now becoming obsolete. Hour long phone calls have been replaced by instantaneous text messages, omitting the insipid small talk that comes along with phone conversations…

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  • Cell Phones In Our Society Essay

    Our Society is saturated with technology, which consist of box office movies, commercials, news, phones, tablets, and never-ending notifications on our Facebook, Instagram, and numerous other forms of social media. One particular invention that eternally altered humanity is the cell phone. With a tap of a finger, an individual can communicate with people across the world, post their favorite selfies to fuel their ego and Google whatever their heart desires. Cell phones have become a necessity…

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  • Smartphones Negative Effect Essay

    Nowadays all most people oawn at least a smartphone, smartphone is getting become part of people’s life. The image of smartphones can be seen everywhere despite any class or ages. There are 68 percents of American own smartphone (Monica Anderson, Technology Device, October 29,2015). The reason for smartphones attract million of consumers because it not only performs functions as a computer do but also a means of user-friendly handsets. Just by touching on the screen, all needs will be carried…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of America Needs Its Nerds

    What would the world be like if cars didn’t exist? What would the world be like if smartphones were never invented? These utilities that American’s use in everyday mundane life was thought up of from kids who would rather tinker with motherboards or engines than play football with their friends. Despite their future achievements, these children have been labeled as ‘nerds’ or ‘geeks’. These geniuses are discriminated against for being able to bring amazing technology to the hands of an average…

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