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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To New Zealand

    world. I became anxious and depressed, I felt as if I was on life support. This continued through the rest of my time at home, things progressively got worse between my parents ' and my siblings fell between the cracks undetected and unnoticed. The year before I got married, I lived at home and made most of my money through nannying and babysitting. We were strapped for money as my mom was studying and only worked part time. Some nights we had almost no food in the house and we ate popcorn and carrots as that 's what was available. When the carrots ran out we had popcorn and when the popcorn ran out, I researched what I could make with flour and water because that was all we had, thankfully I was able to make something similar to an Indian Roti bread. The struggle was real and my parents marriage reflected our food situation, starving and lacking nourishment. At 22 I got married in my home town in Arizona surrounded by close relatives and friends, it was an amazing day. I had one goal and that was to remain stress free throughout the wedding planning process, thankfully that was a great success. I loved planning my wedding and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The day was filled with love and emotion, tears filled the eyes of many as it was also a farewell, as I was moving to New Zealand a few days later. It was definitely a day worth remembering. Although, my day was perfect, my dad did disappear during the reception and didn 't return until after Troy and I had…

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  • Analysis Of An Encounter With Quaid E-Azam

    One of the windows had a twofold quilt crammed into it and a door had been encased by a thick chintz quilt. There was only a small door in order to move inside or outside and the lunch could be eaten contentedly in this booth, as the stench that came here from outside was less. Mufti and Khawaja Shafi were sitting in my booth eating lunch and I, in the fondness of hosting them, would bring warm roti(bread) from the public alms house outside. It was during the third course that the land below my…

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  • The Importance Of Breads In French Food

    brown and crusty while some prefer pale looking breads. Bread in French household is basically consumed with all the 3 meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner). Coming to the popular breads that France has given Baguette and Petit Parisien to the world. The French Baguette is a golden brown, rod shaped loaf approximately 2 feet long, whereas the Petit Parisien is generally shorter and fatter in comparison to the Baguette (french-cuisine, 2018). . FRENCH ENGLISH 1.Hors d’ oeuvre…

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  • Bernie Seale Analysis

    She is first obscured and then re-appears. Following this she begins to need the flour into a Roti or Salome which is a an Eastern form of unleavened bread or pancake. As she crates the bread she is seen from above and her arms form Angels' wings on the floor when seen from above. Her naked exposed body confronts the audience or viewer. She is alone working black yet white. This refers to both racial classification and also to naked female protest which take place in the developing world where…

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  • Women Of Palestine: A Case Study

    So, in this case, a woman’s main priority is related to the household, rather than being an independent professional. Women are thought to possess “nurturing” and or “caring” characteristics, which creates expectations for women of Palestine, citizens of Israel to possess culinary skills. This can be related to the article, “Roti and Doubles as comfort Foods for the Trinidadian Diaspora in Canada, United States and Britain”. Which states that “women tend to be responsible for most of the…

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  • Canai Boy Case Study

    In 1986, the owner of Canai Boy - Choo Tow Chun, a 9-years-old kid, who lived in a rural area with his family in Indonesia. They lived in poverty ever since his father passed away due to his drug addiction. In his village, people there just wanted to keep living until they died, but they didn't think big, except for Choo. Choo had a dream. He wanted to visit the city and start up his own business by using some of his technical skills, COOKING. He learnt how to cook from his mother who was the…

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  • The Importance Of Folk Fair

    Another similarity I noticed was with Indians and Mexicans. They both eat a form of tortillas on a regular bases. The Mexican use corn or flour tortilla and usually eat it at every meal. Indians eat rotis, which is very similar, but it is made out of wheat. This really compares to the reading in our book, “ Tortillas and Rotis.” This reading assignment showed the differences in both cultures and how they use both dishes. After reading this assignment and going to the fair it was seeing the…

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  • The Importance Of Carnival

    century. Steel-pan are currently said to be a big portion of the Trinidadian music sight and also famous unit of the Canboulay Musical competition. The steel-pan changed from songs the slaves on the islands invented to consume as a fraction of the carnival events. Trinidad and Tobago carnival consist of different form of local cuisines. To energize the shows, lively music and opened dancing, the local natives look forward to the old-style road cuisine. Curry is one of most well-liked spices in…

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  • STP Analysis Of Aashirvaad Atta

    Index: • About Aashirvaad • STP analysis of Aashirvaad atta • 4 P’s of Aashirvaad atta ‘It brings joy to the Indian housewife in providing her family with the most delightful hand-made rotis.’ ITC through its e-choupal network came up with the mission to cater to the Indian housewives’ needs by providing the finest quality flour. With this idea, ITC entered the staples market with ‘Aashirvaad Atta’ in May 2002. Backing the brand with the ITC name along with some great…

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  • Ramadan Bazaar Narrative Report

    It is also called fish sausage, fish stick, or fish fritters. It is made from fish and sago flour and seasoned with salt and sugar. It is slightly greyish in colour and tastes fishy.The fishy smell increases when it cools down. The origin of the word "Lekor" is said to be derived from Terengganu Malay which means "roll".Luckily I managed to bought it in bazaar too!The chilli sauce that used to eat together with lekor was too good combination. The next food that I craving was Roti John which is…

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