Android Vs Iphone Comparison Essay

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The Contrast of New Technology As technology continues to grow it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. Cell phones have become an addiction. People are constantly on them, finding them more comfortable than actual human interaction, and the more this increases the more the demand of cell phone development increases. The iPhone and Android businesses have had a history of competition, each always striving to outdo the other one. Both the iPhone and Android are great phones, offering many great features, but they also have some major differences. The Apple industry is very well known, with their product the iPhone being one of the most popular pieces of technology. The iPhone is a great choice for people who want to …show more content…
These phones are offered by more cell phone carriers, generally at a lower price. Androids are well suited for more adventurous types of people. Some of the newer Androids, such as the Galaxy s4 Active can go underwater. Allowing people to capture some of the beautifully rare moments with their Android camera, something that an iPhone can only do with a waterproof case. iPhone’s are purchased with a set amount of storage, and once a person reaches that maximum amount they either have to delete pictures and apps to free up room, or upgrade to a new phone, but the Android is different. The Android phones are made with removable SD cards for the purpose of more storage. Instead of deleting or upgrading, people can purchase another SD card for more space on their phone. Androids also offer more customization options by allowing people to rearrange the home screen to their liking, change colors and fonts. These phones are more flexible with personalization, offering a multi-user mode so that other people or kids can use the phone as well at an appropriate level for them. Androids have extra tools and accessories as well, such as bump, multitasking, and a pattern lock. Bump is a tool that some Androids use as an easier way to share pictures. It consists of touching two phones together for the downloading of pictures off one phone, to the other. This is nice for exchanging large amounts of photos between people. This exchange is

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