Comparitive Essay On Why Apples Are Better Than Apple

Jorge Sanchez
The Samsung and Apple have been competing with each other for years now but which is actually better. They have many similarities and differences. The Samsung is known more for its looks as it has a better design than the apples, the apple is much more simplistic. So, what are you do you prefer apples or Samsung's? The Apple was manufactured first on January 29, 2007 and it was made by
Steve Jobs and was made up in America.. The Samsung has been around much longer their first phone was made in 1988 and it was designed in Korea.
The apples have a much better CPU than the Samsung's the Apples. CPU is just a device that carries out the instructions. If we were to compare the newest phones the iPhone X and the Samsung
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The display for the Samsung is 5.7 inches. Then its camera is an eight-megapixel. The pictures look better for the Samsung because of its resolution. The iPhone used a six core processor with two cores that are for its performance. Then the Samsung’s processors consist of the snapdragon
X 16 LTE and what this processor specializes on optimizing the last internet speed for the Samsung and the mobile data for Samsung is also better because of the processor.
If you were to do a speed test comparing both the phones then the application that need to connect to other people or just needs and internet connection then the Samsung will be faster. But if you compare what processor is truly more powerful then that’s the iPhone. Like if you’re trying to play a single player game on your phone then the iPhone is faster. The reason the
Samsung is faster for its internet connection is because of its processor.
Jupiter Ed
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If you were to compare them in a race and open up like twenty applications then the I phone would be faster. The reason that the iPhone would be faster is because the Samsung keeps the

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