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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Cellphones On Airplanes

    Nowadays airplanes have become a first choice for people because it is very convenient form of communication. But there is an issue whether to replace allow people to use cellphones on airplanes or do not allow them. In the beginning of this issue few airlines allowed the passengers to use their cellphones during flights. On 30 of August 2006 RYANAIR allowed their passengers to use cellphones in flights (BBC News, 2006). Two years later on 20 of March 2008 Emirates Airlines started operating…

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  • My Digital Practice Analysis

    Meichen Qian Prof. Amrine 17th Feb Prompt#1 My Digital Practice “Happy Valentine’s day”, the buzzing of my phone reminded me of the just-received text. I know it definitely was sent from my boyfriend although he was just sitting on my left. It is an all-too-familiar scene that we just peck away at our smartphone checking our Facebook feeds or texts. As I called his attention, his head slowly lifted and reluctantly kiss me. Then,…

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  • Importance Of Media In Social Media

    Task 1A Screen to screen or face to face Social media takes up so much time of our life. Some people can’t even go 5 minutes without checking their phone. Are we choosing to talk to each other on the phone rather than face to face? Maybe we need to find something in-between. The way we communicate have changed a lot over the past years. When you talk on social media you never know how the person you talk to will react, but face to face you can look the person in their eyes. It`s important to…

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  • Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

    In these days, people prefer to communicate with the others by the easiest way and this way conclude in a small device called cell phone. This small device can let us socialize with each other. In addition, community in these days are really need to be aware about the other people, especially the close people like relatives, friends, and the dealers. On the other hand, some people prefer to enjoy it by chatting, watching videos, and playing. Actually, the dangerous thing that most of the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Smartphones

    Mobile phones- a term from which everyone is familiar with, from young ones to the older people. In, 1973 science developed the first mobile phone with the motive of connecting people to their nearer and distant ones. However, with the passage of time several changes were made in this gadget which brought everyone just a click away. As per the tradition, this gadget also brought several pros and cons along with it. So, a matter of broad and current interest among the parents is “How young is too…

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  • The Dangers Of Mobile Phone And Driving

    One text or one phone call can do more harm than you would ever imagine. These days, mobile phone has become almost a basic necessity. Currently, having one smartphone is a common and it can bring many advantages to the phone users. Many people said that the usefulness of mobile phone has become very popular. People need a mobile phone everywhere for communication with our family and friends. However, there are proofs showing that people are getting addicted to use their phones whenever they…

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  • The Influence Of Advertising In Today's Society

    Frank Lloyd Wright has stated that, “if [technology] keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.” In other words, he is saying that some people would prefer to let every other limb in their body go to waste and deteriorate, but they would be content since they would still have their finger to use a phone and or computer with. The way technology is advertised in today’s society has pressured its audience to feel as if they have to keep up and move at the speed that it…

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  • Summary: Business Proposal For Clear Hear

    Business Proposal for Clear Hear Inc. ECO/561 February 7, 2011 Professor Noe Business Proposal for Clear Hear Inc. As Vice President at Clear Hear, I would like to address some issues that have come to light with our manufacturing of cell phones here at…

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  • Essay On Being Untethered

    Untethered τέχνη “…The only thing that restrains science is the sense of the sacred.” Dr. Warren Gage The polls tell us that we as a collective whole are becoming less religious and less concerned about sacred and holy things, at least in the Western world. At the same time we are becoming more and more entranced with science and technology, what the ancient Greeks called τέχνη (Techne). Most people walk around with a fairly advanced computer that we call a smart phone. We now drive “Smart Cars”…

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  • Do You Spend Too Much Time Analysis

    The modern amenity that I chose to give up was spending lots of time on my phone. So far I am going about 6 hours without touching any social media. So far it has actually been challenging. A lot of times I find myself reaching for my phone, to check it but I always need to catch myself before I do that. So far, I am realizing that I actually spend a lot more time on it than I feel like. By no means, am I freaking out about not being able to use my phone, I just feel… bored. I think that that as…

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