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  • Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

    Cell Phones are life savers. There are many kids who bring their phones to school in grades six through twelve. Our rule of cell phones should be prohibited, should be changed. Many schools have banned or set this rule many years ago because cell phones were connected to drug and gang use. Times have changed, and there have been more school shootings. The rule of prohibiting cellphone use at school should be changed because in emergency situations, they can be life savers. The first advantage…

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  • NT1330 Unit 1 Assignment 1

    This project is a milestone in easing the life of the clients. This project overcomes the frustrations in waiting for one's turn in a long queue. The use of mobile phones was established and it was a whole new factor in the communications access mode. This was proved correct based on the test conducted by the researcher in the UNO-R accounting office. Selected UNO-R students were asked to try the system and convey their feelings towards it. The researchers provided survey sheets to be answered…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Screen Time For Children

    Screen time for children has some pros and cons about it. I believe that very young children, like younger than 4, should not have any screen time at all. However, when kids grow up they will start to need a phone for contacting family and such. Also, in school, sometimes the internet is needed to answer a question on homework. More time online for young kids can be hurtful to their interaction with the outside world. When driving down the street these days, you see a minimum of kids…

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  • The Controversy Of Banning Cell Phones In Schools

    Say you're in class trying to listen to ypur teacher to take notes for a big test. Then you hear really loud music playing. You look around and the student a few sits infront of you have their head phones in, their music as loud as it can go, and also they are playing a game. You end up listening to the students music when you should be taking your notes for ypur big test. This happens all the time in schools today. Therefore, I think cell phones should be banned for reasons such as cell phones…

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  • Should Cell Phones While Driving Be Banned

    Nowadays, with the development of the science and technology, we always use the electric devices wherever we are. Actually, that gives us many bad consequences, for instance, increasing the phone using, people and people are isolating. Actually, most of people will use phone or call during they driving car. It is a really risky thing and will likely to make accidents. So I totally agree with the author that is cell phone should ban when people drive. In recent year, many people were died in an…

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  • Personal Narrative: If I Had To Switch Place In Education

    If my college professors and I were to switch places, things would be a whole a lot different. Most of the things I would change would mostly be the way the professor taught the class. Something things would be the same, like the things they teach. Teaching changes the further you go in your education. The higher grade you go, the harder your work and the stricter your teachers become. I am going to use my college algebra teacher, Mr. Jones as my example for a teacher. Mr. Jones is…

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  • Personal Narrative: Learning To Drive

    There were many difficult processes that a person had to master during their lifetime, but some had different opinions on which activity was the hardest for them. I found that the most challenging task that I had to accomplish up to this point of my life was learning to drive. Learning how to drive was the most difficult process for me because of the external and internal distractions that I had to face when I began taking lessons. The external disturbances were factors that disrupted my…

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  • Boredom Is Bad

    Does boredom really affect you as much as you think? Boredom is something that you think is bad, but is actually really good for you. Boredom was a fact of life. If you’re waiting for your parents to come and pick you up. You get your phone and start playing on your phone, you also start texting your friends. Your mom comes and gets you, you turn your phone off and get in the car. You get back on your phone and start playing your games again. According to the passage, it says, “…

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  • Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

    Cell phones are used for multiple thing. Some of theses things could be good some could be bad. School is the worst place to have cell phones. Cell phones cause distractions in the middle of class when children are trying to learn. Cell phones should not be allowed in school. Teachers really wouldn't know if their students really know the material, because students would be able to find answers on their phone. Students would be able to cheat on every test or every work-sheet by using their…

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  • Ban On Cell Phones Research Paper

    Phones should not be on their phones during class because they don’t learn anything because of there distraction on there phones and they will not earn good grades on their test or on an assignment, and when a student is on their phone they don’t understand what their assignment was and they decide not to do it because they didn’t understand anything that was taught to them. In the article “ As Schools Lift Bans on Cell Phones, Educators Weigh Pros and Cons” it says that “Critics believe that…

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