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  • TOPSIS Model

    Simultaneous Optimization of Arithmetic Average Roughness (Ra), Geometric Average Roughness (Rq) and Ten Point Height Average Roughness (Rz) Using TOPSIS The present work is to explore the effect of EDM process parameters on the surface roughness characteristics Ra, Rq and Rz. For the experimentation, twenty seven alternatives of EDM process parameters, Pulse on time (TON), Pulse off time (TOFF), Wire Tension (WT) and Wire Feed (WF) were considered as per the Taguchi’s standard L27 Orthogonal Array. The Roughness characteristics of Arithmetic average (Ra), Geometric average (or) RMS value (Rq) and Ten point height average (Rz) were considered as the experimental responses. Multi-criterion decision making method, TOPSIS has been employed for…

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  • Nano Tribology

    Introduction: Nano tribology is a study field of interfacial phenomenon in nano scale. The interaction between two contacting solids during a relative motion from atomic to microscale is important to understand the friction, wear, adhesion, indentation phenomenon. Now a days it has a plenty application in micro electro mechanical system (MEMS), nano electro mechanical system (NEMS), magnetic storage, lubricant manufacturing and many more field. There are few instruments in the market…

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  • Effects Of Electropolishing Process On 316L Stainless Steel

    Abstract The paper present the investigation on the effect of temperature, time and current density on surface roughness in electropolishing process on 316L stainless steel. The cathode material under study was 316L stainless steel. The electrolyte was composed of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and DI water. Full factorial design method was used. ANNOVA technique has been used to assess the quantitative influence of the different process factors of the EP. The surface roughness will be…

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  • Investigating The Experiment On AISI 316 Austenite Stainless Steel

    that the passive force is the most dominant force component and theoretical cutting force values are 45-120% higher than the measured one. [13] D.K Das et al. [2014] investigates the surface roughness during hard turning of EN24 of 50 HRC hardness with coated carbide insert. By using grey based Taguchi and regression analysis it was concluded that surface roughness of 0.42 micron is obtained at cutting speed of 130 m/min, depth of cut 0.4 mm/rev and feed rate was found to be most dominant…

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  • Thermal Conductivity: Thermal Properties Of BHE

    mineral contain. The porosity of soil varies from place to place some kind of soil having less porosity but on the other hand some having high porosity like peat which consume water approximate 100%. To sum up, the important factor of the variation of the thermal property during the storage cycle in the degree of water saturation. Change in water saturation occur in the unsaturated zone specially near to the ground water level. In permeable materials their may also be significant fluctuation in…

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  • 3.2 Analysis Of Chip Chips: Analysis Of Chip Formation

    the-smaller-the-better, the-larger-the-better and the-nominal-the-best. For each level of the cutting variables, the S/N ratio is calculated on the basis of the S/N analysis. The-smaller-the-better characteristic (in dB) has been considered to calculate the S/N ratio in this study to achieve minimum response within the optimal cutting parameters. The effect of each machining parameter on surface roughness was evaluated with an S/N response table, and the optimal machining parameters were…

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  • Bearing Ring Essay

    are common failure modes in the process of using rolling bearing, they mainly appear on surface of the raceway and rolling body[1]. The micro level defects in bear 's surface will affect the performance of the whole system, which requires the surface quality of the parts to be greatly improved after mechanical processing[1]. The surface quality of bearing ring has great influence on the normal operation under complicated working conditions. Roughness, hardness and residual stress will affect the…

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  • Theodore Roethke Psychological Criticism

    different pieces it is only then that the reader is able to see how Roethke applied the Psychology Criticism to explain that the waltz is not a dance, but it is symbolic of the young boy’s relationship with his Father. The mental process of perception from this small boy dominates as a central theme. The young boy is critical of his Father. “The whiskey on your breath could make a small boy dizzy” (Roethke 1-2). The young boy does not like the smell of his Father when he comes home from work.…

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  • How Does Temperature Affect A Drag Force

    through the air. The object’s cross-sectional shape determines the form drag which is created by the pressure variation around the object and affects the induced drag of the lifting wing. The surface roughness of the object also affects the amount of drag. The material with smooth and waxed surface will produce less drag than a material with roughened surface. This skin friction effect is included in the measure…

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  • Osseointegration Kinetics

    implant surfaces regarding osseointegration kinetics. Direct bone apposition onto the conditioning film-coated surface of the titanium is critical. Surface composition, hydrophilicity, Critical Surface Tension and roughness are parameters that may play a role in the implant-tissue interaction. Guehnnec et al. (2007) reviewed the different methods used for applying osteoconductive coatings and increasing surface roughness to titanium dental implants (such as titanium plasma-spraying,…

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