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  • Bargaining Power Of Buyers Case Study

    company workforce through training, buyouts of smaller competitors and strategic product line choices. In the last portion of the paper, various complexity analysis tools are examined in relation to Dell and the computer/technology industry. The industry was examined in terms for the Fitness Landscape, Boid Analysis, Industry Evolution Modeling, and Life Cycle Analysis. Examining Dell in the context of multiple frameworks granted insights into key factors such as material inputs, resource depletion, byproducts, waste and disposal options and stakeholder versus societal obligations and responsibilities. An analysis of the Sustainable Value Framework, including a detailed analysis of the sustainable value of Dell and its products and services rounds out the research. Key Take-aways One critical factor repeatedly presented itself throughout this research project and that is the absolute necessity for Dell to find a way to innovate in a sustainable manner. Having Chairman Michael Dell at the helm again is beneficial to the growth and cohesive vision of the firm, but Dell is losing ground to rivals such as HP in the areas of technological advances and sales. Another key take away is that Dell leaders must invest in the training and re-educating of employees and invest in the research and development of products in collaboration with the firm’s key suppliers in its network. Critical to the success of Dell is this very formidable supplier network. As such, it is vitally…

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  • Nancy Lou Webster: A Short Story

    spotlight – Nancy Lou Webster This is the story of longtime Elgin resident/artist Nancy Lou Webster and her 1935 Straight 8 Buick Coupe with suicide doors named “Katie.” The story begins with Nancy Lou as a teen in Oxford, Mississippi. “Miss Kate Skipwith was a philanthropist who lived on Main Street in Oxford, Mississippi. She wanted a car so she ordered a new car to be shipped by rail to her. A 1935 Buick Series 40 Coupe. It arrived by rail in Oxford with five miles on the odometer. Miss…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue Engineering

    I was born in Austin at the same hospital as my brother and mother, Saint David’s Medical Center. My family moved to the neighboring suburban city of Round Rock, where I have lived in one house for all but one year of my life. My Dad attended the University of West Virginia and my Mom completed a few years at ACC. The University of Texas was not pressed into my life through my family, instead I was fortunate enough to choose my passion for it. Often time’s, children of my generations are…

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  • Differences Between Presidential Reconstruction And Congressional Reconstruction

    Lincoln’s death and President Andrew Johnson came into power and was going to implement the same type of plan, they were still very upset with the idea. Once congressional Reconstruction was put into place it was a lot harsher than what the presidential reconstruction suggested. Congressional Reconstruction put military government in the southern states and suggested that Southern states had to ratify the fourteenth Amendment. Congress said that the rebel states should be divided into military…

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  • Ode To My Toyota Poem Analysis

    Ode to My Toyota is a poem written and constructed by Kelle Groom that is able to relate to anyone that has sold one of their fairly old cars, and either has end up missing their old car and or knowing that their ex-car are in good hands (by the end). This particular poem is based on her 1974 Toyota that she is willing; does sell. In the poem Groom talks about the car’s appearance of how it’s practically crawling with insects, dirty beyond compare, and how it’s also falling apart from the inside…

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  • Similarities Between The Texas Governor And The President

    Essay #2: The Texas Governor and the President Over the years, it has been said that Texas has a very weak governor compared to other states. It has also been said that some people believe that the governor should have more power and that they should be a state 's equivalent to the nation’s president. Here, we will first analyze the differences and similarities between the Texas governor’s power versus the power of the United States president. This will allow us to further discuss whether the…

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  • Analysis Of Neil Foley's The White Scourge

    In The White Scourge, Neil Foley addresses how the construct of whiteness in Texas in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries affected the structure of society. Neil Foley is the Robert H. and Nancy Dedman Chair in History at Southern Methodist University. His research concerns race and civil rights in Mexico and the American Southwest. Foley structures his book chronologically, beginning with the Texas Revolution in the first chapter and ending with the 1930s and 1940s. He focuses his study…

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  • James Mccaffrey's Army Of Manifest Destiny

    McCaffrey used the best collections of soldiers’ letters, diaries, and published primary materials in order to really have a first-hand depiction of a common soldier’s experiences in the Mexican-American War. To support his thesis he explains why soldiers joined the war in the first place which he found through their letters and diaries. One of them was the “desire for personal glory” (McCaffrey, Page 31) and “adventure in a foreign land” (McCaffrey, Page 31) which overweighed the ideas of their…

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  • Willingham's Innocence

    Executing an Innocent Man " Death row” , this quotation remind me of a story that happened in Texas in 1991 for Todd Willingham, as detailed by the Travis County District Court of Texas. The latter was executed as he was found guilty of the murder of this three children in a fire that took place at their home. The official document also emphasizes that the wrongful execution of Willingham is a tragedy and must never happen again. Thus there are two objectives to this document. The first is the…

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  • Isaac's Storm Summary

    “Isaac’s Storm”, by Erik Larson, is a non-fiction historical narrative about the 1900 Galveston, Texas hurricane, “the most lethal hurricane this country has ever known. So far.” ( 1 In the book, Larson tells the story of Isaac Cline, the chief weather observer assigned to the Galveston, Texas weather station from 1891 to 1901. Mr. Larson, is a former “staff writer for The Wall Street Journal, and later a contributing writer for Time Magazine [who] has written articles…

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