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  • Australia Future Superpower

    its strong economy and military position Australia is an ever growing superpower. Australia 's diverse environment provides a wide variety of resources that protect them from foreign dependence. The 6th largest country in the world has an economic growth of 3% annually. Australia is a primary member of the leading military alliance on the planet. Australia is one of the most traded with countries in the world. It will continue to grow from a military and economic position and become one of the world 's greatest superpowers. The Aborigine was the first to arrive in Australia more than 40,000 years ago. The Aborigine is described as a nomadic hunter-gatherer and still to this day lives in Australia. Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy embarked on Australia and for more than four months he traveled the bay from north to south, documenting the lands being fertile during the 1770 's. However, the British were not the first to discover Australia. The Dutch explored Australia several times but deemed it to have doubtful value. Once the British started the settlement of Australia they were faced with many battles against the Aborigine. Even though they fought regularly it was the flu that took the lives of many Aborigines. That sent them, for the most part, back to the mainland of Australia. Then the British settled on the coasts where the lands were very fertile for crops. More than 90% of Australia is covered with vegetation. It being the 6th largest country in the…

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  • Lack Of Innovation In Germany

    History shows that when faced with unpalatable choices and the reality of the environment-capability gap, leaders often cycle back to prior phases in the design process . The British Royal Navy confirmed this regression when they dismissed the findings of the 1924-1925 Newport simulations, which revealed superior advantage to carriers that could mass aircraft in repetitive pulses. Although, the Royal Navy lacked this capability, they discounted emerging doctrine from the US Marine Fleet…

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  • War Of 1812 Dbq Outline

    high seas, unexpected Indian attacks on the frontier, and violation of the American flag. Madison believed if we lost this war we would lose independence. The decision to go to war was a battle for America itself. The United States was completely unprepared for war. The American military was a token force. The officers involved in the American Revolution who led the United States had either passed away or retired. With this new war came new officers who had no organization or prior skills to…

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  • British Imperial Aspirations

    Britain did not quite understand was a part of this reality: the Parliament had to work with the colonists, successfully receiving voluntary cooperation in order for the colonists to agree to an imposed tax. An example of parliamentary policy that began to irritate the colonists about Britain’s use of parliamentary power were the White Pines Acts (1711, 1722, and 1729). This was a form of internal legislation because it required these sellers to keep the navy’s stock of trees aside before…

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  • The Draw Bridge Short Story

    The Draw Bridge Help dad! Help dad! The echo fills the air. Little Jimmy holding onto the icy bars for his dear life. While the boat steams closer and closer. Tim Founder has the decisions of is life to make. Kill hundreds of innocent people on the ship heading toward the bridge or save his helpless son hanging onto the icy ledge about to fall into the river a couple 100 feet down. The day before Christmas it was and Tim Founder was working his usually job on the draw bridge right outside…

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  • War Of 1812 Dbq Analysis

    some of the main reasons for war. At the time before the war of 1812, Britain was at war with the country of France, one of America’s allies and major trade partners. Because of the war, Britain sought to impede America’s trade routines with France. In order to do this, Britain established a series of trading restrictions called the Orders in Council, which the Americans saw as a violation of international rights to neutral trade as America was not yet involved in the war at this point. The…

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  • Character Analysis: A Trip To The Past

    serve. Herb, was 19 years of age, when he learned about being drafted into the United States’s Naval force. Serving from 1944-1947, Herb obtained a chance to fight against the Japanese, as well as serving back in the homeland after the war ended. Serving aboard the USS Rainier, an AE-5 ship, that was primarily used for water battles and to haul ammunition. Though Herb was not given an actual gun to fire in the line of battle, the ship he was on was used in the line of battle, so in several ways…

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  • After The Storm Poem Analysis

    Empty-Handed This is a story of how one can try so hard for something, yet come up short. It takes place on a coast shortly after a hurricane has hit. This wonderful story filled with irony. There is a flooded town, wrecked ships, dead people and birds floating around. There is a brave curious sailor who comes upon one of the largest shipwrecks he has ever seen and is determined to find a way in. A challenge that proves far more demanding than one would hope for. The short story, After The…

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  • How Did The War Of 1812 Affect America's Identity

    advantage of America as if they were still under control, and captured any American sailors they could find. This atrocity to America was called impressment. Britain would force the captured sailors to serve in their Navy to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. Anyone who refused would be taken prisoner. A similar incident happened to the…

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  • Oliver Hazard Perry: A Good Leader

    In my opinion Oliver Hazard Perry was a good leader. In my opinion, Perry was a good leader because he was smart, paid close attention, and knew what to do. Also he wasn’t dumb, he knew what he had to do and did it with no questions asked.(At least that’s all I know) Perry was a good leader because not only was he an American naval commander, but he destroyed the British at the Battle of Lake Erie. During the war against Britain, Perry supervised the building of a fleet at Erie, Pennsylvania. He…

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