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  • Doing Cajun Right Essay

    Larry’s French Market, “Doing Cajun Right” In Southeast Texas and Louisiana, Cajun food has an influence on almost every individual who tastes those blends of herbs, spices, and shellfish so associated with French culture. Although Groves, Texas might not seem like a town prideful of their Cajun cuisine, Larry’s French Market’s tastes like a meal straight out of the bayou. Larry’s French Market is well known by just about every local in a thirty mile radius. Larry’s reputation for easy accessibility, beautiful Zydeco music, upbeat two stepping, brilliant service, and mouthwatering Cajun food, travels from everywhere to Cajun lovers. Yes, to get this delicious food, consumers spend a little bit more money than they probably want. You will forget price once you get a bite of a delicious item off the menu. While true, Larry’s posts a saying on a billboard which sums up the restaurant, “Doing Cajun Right.” Easy and Convenient Accessibility: Located off of road Thirty-Six Farm To Market, Larry’s stands just a minute drive from Highway Seventy-Three. Being a major road which runs through town, passing by Larry’s just means take an exit off a highway strait to the restaurant. With an abandoned refinery parking lot next door, parking is not a problem for even Sunday church rushes. Larry’s has not only located itself off of a major highway, Larry’s happens to sit on the way to Beaumont. Beaumont, a heavy downtown tourist district, draws plenty of traffic towards restaurants in…

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  • A Scale Of Second Hand Shopping By Guiot And Roux

    In this research, the authors propose a scale of second-hand shopping motivations. Guiot and Roux reveal 4 categories of shoppers, which are Regular shopper, thrifty critics, polymorphous enthusiasts and nostalgic hedonists. Furthermore, they evaluate the function of these shoppers’ motivations and its implication for designing and retailing strategies. Prior to their study, the authors explore the historical context of second-hand market. In short, they assert that second-hand consumption grew…

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  • Case Study Of Larose's Magic Roux: Marketing Strategy

    LaRose’s Magic Roux; Marketing Strategy LaRose’s roux is magic in a jar. Now you can have the authentic taste of New Orleans in your own kitchen. Simply add our homemade dark roux to chicken stock and create the base for all your favorite Cajun Cuisines! Your family will think they’re in the French Quarters! Marketing LaRose’s Magic Roux will be vital to the success of this product. This can be done by developing a solid Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy. So just how will…

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  • Character Analysis: Asylum

    Through the main conflict Madeleine roux portrays the novel Asylum as a suspenseful thriller. The conflict is ongoing and weaves throughout the storyline creating tension between Daniel Crawford and The Sculptor, who is taunting him through messages and letters. For example the dialogue says “A crisp white envelope waited on Dan’s desk… a single question… How do you Kill a hydra?... You strike it at it’s heart.” Roux, 125-126. Dan started receiving letters from an at first anonymous figure. He…

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  • Genghis Kahn: A Semantic Analysis

    The Mongols had their own skills in certain areas such as warfare but they also had their weaknesses like literacy and skilled craftsmanship. We know that most of the Mongols were illiterate when Temudgin is asked to save the monastery but he says “I can’t read” (Bodrov, Mongol, 2008), so why should they save the monastery? The Mongol empire made sure that many of the skilled workers were saved when they were conquering cities. The Mongols admired the skills of the workers and it is shown in…

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  • Hypnotherapy Case Studies

    Patient Study: iron deficient anaemia post Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Introduction Mrs X is a 52 year old female who had a Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass 18 months ago. During this time she has lost 10.5 stone and her BMI has dropped from 47.5 to 27. She is extremely pleased with the results however complains of excessive fatigue. Her GP took some blood samples and sent them off to test for iron deficiency. She is currently taking a multivitamin, calcium, iron and folic acid supplementation, despite…

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  • Bariatric Surgery: A Case Study

    the long term complications among adults with the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass “gold standard” procedure and the sleeve gastrectomy, the newest intervention, to determine which is more successful with less long term effects. This research will provide nurses with educational supplement when teaching patients about bariatric surgeries as well as, help nurses evaluate patients with bariatric surgery. Knowledge on bariatric interventions and long-term effects is of great importance for nurses in the…

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  • Street Children Case Study

    former policy of apartheid (Le Roux, 1996). Most authors have broadened their understanding of the term ‘street child’ to include not only those homeless children who live chiefly on the streets but also children who work on the streets by day and who return home at night (Baker, 2012). The term ‘street child’ has become an accepted part of the ‘urban poverty dictionary’, this term is now widely used by UNICEF, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and academics as shorthand to denote children…

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  • Inspira Bariatric Surgery Support Group Case Study

    settings and care types the programs help transform current health care systems by catering for: adolescent and childhood immunization, maternity care, and women’s health. Inspira Bariatric Surgery Support Group is an assembly of community patients moving toward a healthy life while having uplifting discussions, recipe exchanges, personal experiences, and personal encouragement throughout the pre- and post-operation process. Summary of Inspira Bariatric Surgery Support Group mission and purpose…

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  • Coco Chanel Impact On Fashion

    even more important, Coco Chanel changed the philosophy of women’s wear. To put it more precisely, her new design and new wear made women confident of the fact that they were supposed to dress for themselves but not for their men. In fact, it was a revolutionary philosophy for France as well as the entire world at the epoch of World War I, when the dominance of men was unchallengeable, while the development of feminism was still insignificant (Charles-Roux, 248). Nevertheless, the design and new…

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