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  • Rotary: Youth For Understanding

    Central States Rotary Youth Exchange places students with 3-4 families over the course of a year (Information About Rotary). This is so the student can learn about different habits between families. This would not be great for the host family because they would only get to be with their student for a little while before they leave. They would not get to know the student as much and strengthen their relationship with each other. There was a student from Egypt named Abdalla and he was with a rotary program. He spent half the year with one family and the other half with another. When he first came, he was shy and didn’t open up to the first family as much. They ended up not knowing him as well. The Rotary Youth Exchange may work well for some families, but YFU allows families to get to know their student all year…

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  • Decline Of Cell Phones

    I, Kymari Robinson, being of sound mind and body, am shamefully addicted to my cell phone. It’s a ridiculous statement right off the bat, yes, but if we really look at it and the way our society is now, it’s the truth for not only me but for millions of other people in my generation. The cell phone was invented as a mean to communicate, primarily for those that worked outside of the home and couldn’t constantly pick up a home phone. Now, cellphones have all but made home phones completely…

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  • Are Too Dependent On Cell Phones In High School

    I think smartphones are causing middle and high school to become too dependent on their cellphones,students depend on phone more than their health,smartphone are a drug that cannot easily weaned off,many teenagers become Addicted to their cell phones.these are the many reasons why high school and middle school become dependent on their cell phones First of all,students depend on their phone more than their health.students are focusing on their phone and it can mostly cause them to…

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  • Analysis Of Have Smartphones Destroyed Generations? By Jean M. Twenge

    “Have Smartphones Destroyed Generations?” is the question Jean M. Twenge asks in his article in The Atlantic Magazine. The article highlights the influence of smartphones on the present generation. In the article, the author, proves his claims by comparing survey data of two different generations, the GenX and the iGen. The author declares that the current generation is safer physically, but are on the verge of a mental-health crisis. The article lists all the problems the American teens are…

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  • Zomorodi Bid Talk Analysis

    In February of 2015, a series of challenges for people and their phones began. This was a part of the Bored and Brilliant project that was started on a podcast by Manoush Zomorodi. Zomorodi had realized that smartphones were consuming her life and the lives of those around her. So, she conducted research and began collecting data for this series of challenges directed toward the relationships between those who signed up for the project and their phones. In April 2017, she gave a presentation…

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  • Why Is Technology Wrong

    Joseph Villasenor Professor Tran English 061 39057 19 November 2017 Technology Many people believe that technology is going the end of humanity. Critics have never been so wrong. In fact, many say technology, like cell phones have change life for the better. First, cellphone can be equipped with many different apps of learning. Some of the apps can be used to educated kids in a fun environment. Apps can help with learning some new languages. Apps can help with reading when people are not…

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  • Mobile Phone A Blessing Or Blessing Essay

    nobody misses out of the fun. Multiplayer games let many online gamers enjoy gaming sessions on their phones. Almost everyone in the world has a taste of music so one can always download that favorite playlist. You can always enjoy watching your favorite video on your phone. They create employment too many people. Mobile phone companies such as Samsung and iPhone employ millions of people worldwide. They are paid to manufacture, sell and make deliveries of these phones. Mobile phone…

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  • Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

    Many people depends mainly on mobile phones and the use of internet on contacting people that will gradually replace the far-distant mean through the face-to-face communication, which is more reliable and credible. Many of them believe that the use of internet such as social medias could be their way to communicate, educate, socialize, and entertained but the thing is are we aware of the effects of these technological advances? I will explain broadly in my topic some different examples and…

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  • The Impact Of Cell Phones On Society

    iPhone almost immediacy after it is released, it is likely that inferences can be made on the persona that they are wealthier to be able to afford it while someone who has a very old and out of date iPhone my be a lower social class. There are also lots of other aesthetics to a phone that can tell us about people, such as; the color of the phone, the case, accessories, and screen saver. Just like the Mac vs. Pc or the Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts debate there is also a great debate on phones.…

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  • The Difference Between Smartphone And Smartphones

    If we look 30 years back, everyone owns a mobile phone with top brands at that time such as Nokia, Motorola, and Sony. However, nowadays mobile phones are outdated and smartphones became a trend. Everyone owns at least a smartphone and some of us have more than one. But then, what is the difference between smartphones and mobile phones? Actually, smartphones and mobile phone have no difference at all as both exist for the same reason, connect one people with another. Many researchers have made a…

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