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  • Technology Addiction Among Teenagers

    Into today’s world, smart phones are omnipresent and people use them in anyplace and anytime even going to the toilet especially among teenagers. According to the research by Perlow (2012), it was found that 70% of them check their smart phones within an hour after awake, 56% used their phone within an hour before bed, 48% engage to phone over the weekend, 51% check continuously during vacation while 44% experienced anxiety if they lost their phone and couldn't replace it for a week. It is true…

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  • Commercial Analysis: She Must Like A Male

    She Must Like a Male The commercial I chose to analyze is a Thai advertisement, it described a tough day which a taxi driver has experienced. At first, the commercial started at displaying that the driver has experienced lots of problems, such as customers who took the taxi without paying the fee, or customers who puked on the taxi, and the most dangerous one is that a robber was trying to rob and even beat the driver. After the driver back home with a bleeding face, a child appeared and asked…

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  • What Is The Use Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

    Yes DDD is a bra size, but is not the topic of this paper. On average, “Americans spend eleven hours a day using electronic media” (Petronzio 2). Even though there are search engines on the internet, the government will censor a good portion of what can be seen. For example, “North Korea, [the most censored country in the world], censors all websites and only four percent of the population has internet” (Today 3). In Fahrenheit 451’s society, the government uses technology as a distraction.…

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  • How Technology Has Changed Our Form Of Communication

    Maintaining effective communication is always of paramount importance in every aspect of our life. Among all communication tools, the invention of telephone is probably the most remarkable one that still alters our life tremendously. Strolling along the street, the most ubiquitous scene that can be found is pedestrians talking on the phone hastily or touching the phone screen with full attention. Telephone has gained incredible popularity around the globe in the past few decades and it has…

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  • How To Use Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Banned Essay

    Dunia Omar Khalil ENG 110 Spring 2015 Drive a car not a cell phone There are billions of people throughout the world using cell phones in their daily routine life which is a way of community with others. Cell phones have become the common thing that people use and they invent a lot of cell phone from different brand such as Nokia, Android Galaxy, Iphone, and Blackberry. However, cell phones have many advantages but still have very bad effects on the people who use them while driving. Using…

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  • The Importance Of Spy On Text Messages

    Easily spy on text messages with a free app Have you ever had a loved one sending text messages behind your back? Are you interested in knowing what they are messaging and to whom? Technology is so advanced nowadays that it is possible to easily spy on text messages for free using your cell phone. There are many ways to achieve this and this article shows you how. Spy on SMS even in the absence of message history You might find yourself in a situation where someone you love has been sending…

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  • Should Children Have Cell Phones Essay

    YOUNG CHILDREN SHOULD NOT OWN CELL PHONES Children should not be allowed to own cellular devices nor take them to school because it can negatively impact their mental and physical growth and development. Children’s physical development could be negatively impacted by the excessive use of smartphones. Generally, children are unable to set boundaries for themselves nor able to determine when to put the phone down in order to get the appropriate hours of sleep required for a healthy…

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  • Should Phones Be Allowed In School

    I think phones should be allowed in school, we may not have to be on them all the time but we should at least be able to have them incase we need to call someone or if we have free time in a class we could play games, listen to music, or use google,, and an example of is our history book is online and at school sometimes there’s not enough chromebooks or Ipads. Mobile devices are kind of like a drug that children, teens, and young adults can’t seem to put down and that’s…

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  • Are Cell Phones Safe Essay

    You know people nowadays have cell phones. But the question is are they safe? This issue is important because I want the reader to know that cell phone may not be what you think they are. These are the major reasons. One it can damage DNA and gene expression cells, it can also disturb pacemaker functionality, and it can expose the brain to two times the average radiation. Cell phones are not safe because it can change DNA and gene expression cells, it can disturb functioning of pacemaker, and…

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  • Cell Phone Radiation Research Paper

    Introduction: Cell phones are durable communication devices whose popularity has increased significantly since their first arrival over four decades ago in 1973. Cell phones transmit and receive radio-frequency electromagnetic waves which are the weakest waves in the electromagnetic spectrum with the lowest frequency but the biggest wavelength in the spectrum. This type of electromagnetic radiation is less dangerous than higher frequency electromagnetic radiation at immediate contact as it is…

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