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  • Child Technology Research Paper

    In modern day, a person can see a random child under the age of thirteen have a phone, tablet or gaming device. Cris Rowan, a Pediatric Therapist, implies “Children use 7.5 hours per day of entertainment technology, and 75% have a device in their bedroom.” With all this technology around young children, one wonders how technology can affect their behavior, development, and learning abilities. By the age of three months to two years old, children are exposed to their first two…

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  • Essay On Technology Ruining Children

    Is the Modern Era Ruining Childhoods Countless opinions exist debating whether or not the modern era is ruining childhoods. Attributes of today's society have led people to pick sides on the matter. Although this controversial topic may never have a definite answer, one thing is for sure, childhood today is the polar opposite to past childhoods. Society now has technology that benefits children. Some view the idea of technology helping children as absurd, but the fact of the matter is…

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  • Mannequin's Invasion Of Privacy

    Companies track everyday interactions with consumers to better there advertising and products. They should not be allowed to do this with out the permission from the consumers, it is an invasion of privacy. Many people try to avoid the outside world and keep a low profile but with big companies tracking their every move they are no longer able to live the life the want. People walking into stores and around town do not want to be watched for things they like and dislike if companies want to…

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  • Is My Smartphone Making Me Dumber Analysis

    Smartphones can be useful tools to find out information on the spot and stay connected with people from far away, but people argue on if smartphones are really all they are cracked up to be. Markham Heid’s article, “You Asked: Is My Smartphone Making Me Dumber?”, explains the negative effects of relying on a smartphone. Conversely, the article “Smart Phones Can Actually Make You Smarter” focuses on the idea that smartphones can free up space in the brain for more important information. There is…

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  • Cell Phones In Schools Essay

    It may be surprising to learn that 1,300 detentions for cell phone violations were given out to students in TBJH during the 2016/2017 school year. If schools embraced this technology, students would be using their cell phones to help them learn, therefore eliminating the 1,300 detentions given out for violation of cell phone rules. Misuse of cell phones is distracting and all too common, but new technology makes it easier to monitor these devices, let alone the immense amount of advantages cell…

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  • Visual Argument Analysis

    With my visual argument project my main intent was to portray the idea of the current and upcoming generations dependency of their mobile/technological devices. The reason I chose this argument in particular because I have seen this problem being very prominent first had. I feel that everywhere I go I see young children constantly on their cellphone and technological devices. I see this in my own family too, when we were younger (older cousins and I) we were constantly outdoor plays sports or…

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  • Cell Phones In School Research

    Hello, I’m Nate Sunker and I’m writing to on the urgent matter of cell phone use in secondary schools. This is an outdated policy that is overlooked by so many school executives who are chiefly looking at outdated studies and research. Newer research has shown that today’s cell phones are able to let students connect with the topic, communicate and keep safe, and improve students’ abilities inside and outside of school. Because of that, this issue cannot be ignored, and needs to be solved by the…

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  • Argument Essay On Texting And Driving

    Ms. Murphy Adv. LA10 16 November 2017 Argument Paper Cell Phone Usage and Driving: A Wreck Waiting to Happen 1.6 million car crashes are reported each year due to cell phone usage while driving. One out of every four car accidents is caused by texting and driving. It takes only five seconds to view a simple simple text message. If that message is viewed while driving at a speed of 55 miles per hour, you will have driven the length of a football field without looking at the road. Texting while…

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  • Technology's Negative Influence On Mental Health

    Technology is all around; it always seems that there is a new phone out or a new and better tech trying to race to the top of the market every year. In reality, is the tech that people are buying affecting them in ways they never thought? People depend on technology like depending on a car with low gas; if it runs out, then people are stranded and soon panic. People are too dependent on technology and it’s causing a negative impact on mental and physical health. In addition people are on…

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  • Cell Phone Driving Essay

    WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO USE A CELL PHONE MOUNT WHILE DRIVING? Do you spend a lot of time in your car? If you are constantly on the go, one way to make your drive more enjoyable is by purchasing a cell phone mount that can hold your phone on your dashboard while you drive. Why should you consider buying one of these cell phone accessories? Here are some of the many ways a cell phone mount can benefit you: Safer way of using your cell phone Many states have laws against texting or talking on the…

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