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  • Social Media Manager

    “I can 't remember a world without social networking. Whatever did we do without Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter? How did we connect? Set up meetings? Reach our audience? Connect with employees and investors? Oh, right. The phone. And email. And face-to-face meetings. And coffees and networking events. How much, and how little, our world has changed”. (von Rosen, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day) I am experiencing the same situation as von Rosen. Before I came to the States from China a year…

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  • Ripple Reflective Report

    A quote attributed to Mother Teresa says “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”, this statement speaks to my passion for pursuing a counseling doctoral degree. My goal is to change the stigma both externally and internally in the mental health profession. As it takes only one stone to make multiple ripples to create a beautiful change in a body of water, I plan to be another stone for change in the mental health community. Just as a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Actuarial Risk Assessment

    Clinicians can use either actuarially based schemas or structured professional judgment (SPJ) tool but there is evidence that suggests that both approaches are capable of predicting violence with a similar degree of accuracy (Yang, Wong, & Coid, 2010). Actuarial tools are based on empirically derived constructs that predict…

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  • Gibbs Reflective Report

    Reflection Into I shall be reflecting on how I communicate with a patient, who was in emotional distress. The area took place was in a public building and a public street. The incident lasted in total for three hours. The word count does not allow me to fully explore this job, so I shall be reflecting on part of this job. The model I shall be using for this reflection is that Gibbs Reflection Cycle. Description the job that I am reflecting was a 999 call reporting of a 20-year-old male who was…

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  • Dual Relationships In Counseling

    What is a dual relationship? A dual relationship is when a counselor/therapist and their client have another relationship in addition to the professional client/therapist relationship. When boundaries are crossed in the counseling relationship it may result in ethical problems. There are several types of potential relationships such as: physical, social, financial and psychological. Ethical violations may have negative effects on the client. Dual relationships are not always a problem but they…

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  • LGBTQ Community Analysis

    The world in which I know is constantly evolving and this week’s reading reminds me of the diversity of worldviews in which we now encounter. As a counselor, becoming educated with culturally relevant information is vital in the treatment of LGBTQ individuals with addictions. Processing this informative information demands you to question how you feel about working with the LGBTQ community. It has caused me to examine my own biases and reflect on how it would be working with a client whose…

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  • Abnormal Psychology Internship Analysis

    in for counseling, it is that you cannot judge them. The office serves as a positive outlet for clients and they need to know that they can trust the counselor and they will not be judged. If there is judgement from the counselor (or any other professional in mental health), the client will take note of that and will not want to proceed with any form of treatment or intervention, and they could even become more isolated and fearful, which in turn means that they may not seek help again if they…

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  • HOSA Reflective Essay

    In high school, I had an instructor that stood out as a professional hero. I took her for some health science classes. I believe that this instructor properly displayed sensitivity, ethical commitment, and ethical courage. She also was the advisor for our school’s local chapter of H.O.S.A, which stands for Health Occupation Students of America. The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and…

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  • Virtue Ethical Decision-Making Model

    The two ethical decision making model that I would select are is by Jordan & Meara (1995): Virtue Ethics Model and Eberlein (1987): Problem-Solving Approach Model. These models are directed toward a counselor’s personal techniques, such as one’s strong moral values, fairness, and one’s decision of what should be done in a particular situation. Another focus I believe to these models is an approach as to how the situation could be solved, or treatment for a better term. See a counselor shouldn’t…

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  • Counseling Profession Philosophies Paper

    and process things that may come in their life, things that may be going on around them; as well as how they allow it to shape them. A person’s state of mind is crucial to their health and overall well-being and it is so important for counseling professionals to understand the mental state of a person during a…

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