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In the year 2016, there are innumerable paths one could take with their career. With so many occupations, the only way to narrow down one’s options is to pick a career best suited to their personal characteristics and work environment needs. If one is proficient at processing written and spoken information, is motivated to utilize mathematics, can collaborate with others, and is willing to work in an office environment they may find a career in accounting is for them. An Accounting career has widespread appeal as a business career; due to the pay, job availability, and medium to average education requirements.
As an accountant, one would be tasked with many office related duties and be required to use analytical skills. Accountants “perform
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The first steps to becoming an accountant are entering a school of business and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. In California, San Francisco University has a school of business and offers the bachelor’s degree. San Francisco University (SFU) is a Public College that has an admission rate of $6,476. SFU requires a 3.13 GPA for acceptance into its programs. As of 2016 SFU currently has 25,938 undergraduates (“Office”). Another esteemed college that offers a Bachelor’s degree in accounting is the University of Southern California (USC). The University of Southern California is a private college with an admission cost of $24,732. USC requires a 3.85 GPA for acceptance into its programs. As of 2016, USC has 18,739 undergraduates currently enrolled (“USC”). While in college, candidates have to learn GAAP. Moreover, they will also have to decide to take one, or a combination of electives, for example, tax specific electives for corporations or individuals. After an undergraduate education, candidates for an accounting degree often choose to obtain their Certified Public Accountant status. The sequential steps for many accountants after undergraduate or graduate school is to obtain a license and become certified. Accountants become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (“Accountants”) in the state they will practice. Accountants are required to become CPA’s to be able to file any work with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“Accountants”) and to provide a certified professional level of expertise. The process of obtaining the CPA is 150 hours of training and a rigorous state sponsored test (“Accountants”). In addition to the CPA, there are other certifications, for example, there is the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), and Certified Financial Services

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