Why Drugs Should Be Allowed In Sports Essay

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As we look deep into sports in our society today, we discover there are many aspects to the athletic world that are often hot topics, or controversial issues. One of the biggest, most popular topics in the society of sports is whether performance enhancing drugs should be legalized and used, or banned altogether. In my own opinion, these performance enhancing drugs should not be legalized, or allowed in the world of sports. There are many reasons that the use of performance enhancing drugs should not be allowed in athletics. One of the biggest reasons is to make the game fair for each athlete. If only certain athletes in sports chose to use these enhancing drugs, they would become incredibly strong, fast and powerful, much more than their competition. This would give the athletes that opt out of performance enhancing drugs a disadvantage in the game. Secondly, it wouldn’t be fun for those who use drugs not to have competition. I believe that some athletes are coerced or pressured into using these performance enhancing drugs, just so they are able to keep up and remain competitive. The next reason I believe performance enhancing drugs should be banned is because of the danger involved. Each year, whether it’s in the newspaper, on …show more content…
The argument is simple; these athletes want to become the best, so they are going to do anything to be just that. This includes the use of enhancement drugs. Though it would increase competitiveness and raise the bar in athletics, the opposing viewpoint is recognized, but to many, this is still considered wrong. Of course it is an athlete’s choice whether or not to use the illegal enhancers, but when it comes to the bigger picture, sometimes it’s not fair for everyone involved. In the professional sports industry, using the performance enhancing drugs would be unfair for those who do not, and would also take the fun out of the

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