The Benefits Of Professional Athletes

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300 million dollars was earned by one man in a year. Most people would be happy with one million dollars, but having 300 million dollars seems almost unimaginable. What job or career could earn someone so much money? An entrepreneur? A business mogul? Neither of these would be correct. A professional athlete by the name of Floyd “Money” Mayweather earned that 300 million dollars from one boxing match. In one day, he earned more than most people would earn in their lifetime. Do professional athletes in America get paid too much? Most people would tell you no. The amount of money athletes receive is unbelievable. They earn millions of dollars for doing something most people would call a hobby or do for fun. People would rather see al that money …show more content…
First of its not easy to become a professional athlete. It requires a lot of time and dedication. They sacrifice what most people would enjoy to become great at the sport they play. For them, it means less hanging out with friends, less partying, not being able to eat unhealthy food, and so on. They have to sacrifice things they love just to stay in peak condition and to be greater than everyone else. These professional athletes might start training at ten years old and practice everyday from that point to get to where they are now. Also people value their time very dearly. We do not want to waste our time doing something we do not enjoy. We want to have fun, spend time with our family, and just relax sometimes. Professional athletes do not have this luxury. They cannot spend as much time with their family as they would want or be able to go on vacations when they feel like it. Because for most of the year, they are traveling all around the United States entertaining us.
Also professional athletes have very little privacy to themselves (Cummins). Every aspect of their life is publicized everywhere. No one wants everyone to know every single little detail about them. Any mistake they make is made larger than it actually it is and because of it they are shunned by society. They are supposed to be perfect role models because they are idolized by children everywhere (Cummins). They
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For the entertainment of people, they go out every game to win for their team and to give the best show possible for their fans. Playing night after night like this will most likely injure your body which happens often to professional athletes (Cummins). They might take pain medicine to alleviate the pain or come back too fast from an injury just to go out and play another game. Short term this might work out, but in the long run this is awful for their body. So when they retire and the damage they did to their body catches up to them its too late, and the medical expenses to fix their issues is very expensive. Some athletes are unfortunate enough to have their professional career ended shortly because of injuries leaving them with an insufficient amount of funds for their future. They have no education because they spent most of their time practicing their sport. They are bankrupt because they did not play long enough to earn a significant amount of money, and no one cares about them because they do not play anymore. The thing is the same people who are complaining about how much athletes are getting paid are the same people who fund their salaries (Pawson). The general managers are paying these players on what the deserve. The more wins they bring to the franchise, and the more fans they bring to games. The more money they will earn (Pawson). The general managers are receiving

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