How To Be A College Athlete Essay

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Life of a College Athlete College athletes have a very stressful life, but they enjoy every second of it. Most of them get a college degree for free, while doing what they love. The average day for a college athlete consists of early morning practices, classes, practice, studying, then going to sleep to get up and do it all again the next day. On the other hand the normal college students wake up, go to classes, study, then have free time to do whatever. College athletes however are doing what they love on a competitive level hoping to get to the next. College athletes have a very different lifestyle than other students, no matter what level, if they get paid or their life after college they are still having the time of their life. Every high school student would love to go to the next level and play in college. If a high school player is a standout or really good, then a scout from a school will come see them play. If they are interested then they may send them …show more content…
They enjoy college just like other students their age but they have to be more responsible abu it due to the elevated reputation they have . Many other athletes think that college was the time of their life. The also said that everyone partied but that they may have regretted it when they had to get up the next morning. (Value)
There are two main approaches on the idea of college athletes being paid. One approach is that it is a good thing. These people say that it may teach the students responsibility. Or that it may make them stay in college longer and may help them try to stay out of trouble in college. Many students get arrested every year for theft of food due to their lack of money to buy it for themselves. This could also help students that do not make it to the next level t pay off college debt. Or it could help families that are struggling at home have a little extra money

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