Artemis Sportswear Case Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Both the weekend warrior and the browsers will follow the hardcore athletes. If we can attract and keep the hardcore athletes, they will attract others. To attract hardcore athletes, we will carry all the best high-tech equipment, know the language of their sport, and use the latest technology. Products and services are the most important factors when selling to hardcore athletes. If Artemis maintains bran name products, good selection, good location and knowledgeable, friendly employees the products will sell. Artemis will encourage impulse buying; therefore it is important that we maintain a flexible pricing strategy. To help promote this impulse buying Artemis will implement a strong sales promotion strategy. Advertising will be secondary. Hardcore athletes demand knowledgeable employees and a convenient location. Artemis has placed its stores in upscale urban areas. This strategy will keep the customers isolated from the competition; if the nearest competitor is 15 miles away and the retailer does not offer high-tech equipment and the latest technology those athletes will shop at Artemis. Since Artemis will be offering high-tech equipment and the latest technology we will see the competitor products become secondary to Artemis products. If the above tasks are completed the forecasted sales will increase at a rate of 1-2% per month for several months. As the growth …show more content…
Overtime, outsourcing, benefits, retirement, and salaries are areas that can be examined to cut expenses. Overtime pay can be very costly to companies. Companies generally pay time and half and double time in excess of forty hours and for holidays. To cut expenses, all overtime must be stopped except for high volume business days and emergency situations. Shifting jobs to lower wage countries is a practice by many American companies, it is called; offshore outsourcing. Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular practice among businesses seeking to cut operating expenses (Trade, 2004). Why should Artemis Sportswear Company consider outsourcing? Lower tax rates and wages; in countries like Mexico, which does not have a high tax rate, immediate savings would be seen as a result. Wages are lower; there are no health benefits to consider for workers, and there is no retirement to provide the workers either. Many governments in other countries welcome U.S. businesses to their countries. Companies bring much needed revenue to the countries with depressed economies and help improve the economy. Governments will even give incentives in the form of tax cuts, low rent land and buildings if businesses relocate to their country. Outsourcing can also be a contract with other companies for certain services. Some of the common services or departments that are contracted out are: housekeeping, security, and

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