Outsourcing Research Paper

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Outsourcing has become a sensitive and controversial topic in the United States. Individuals argue against it and businesses argue for it. Politicians use outsourcing as a topic for mudslinging (Obama/Romney 2012). Social media sensationalizes outsourcing to create drama for their viewers. Business success is effected due to criticism regarding outsourcing. The purpose of this paper will cover the research on which group, the American individuals or the American companies, have more merit. Although most blame outsourcing for the loss of American jobs and the unemployment rate, Americans need to be more educated on the topic of outsourcing to understand that outsourcing is actually beneficial to them and the economy and affects the unemployment rate and the …show more content…
The misconception that individuals have toward outsourcing are grossly depicted and absorbed from social media. While outsourcing is more noticeable in a way of jobs lost in bulk, the labor pool loses and creates jobs daily. It acts live a living breathing mechanism. Jobs are lost every day due to many different reasons, other than outsourcing. Individuals that are affected by outsourcing tend to be more upset and indignant than individuals affected by other reasons of losing a job. This breeds bitterness toward the topic and the businesses. According to the United States Labor Statistics data there were a total of 148,839,000 employed Americans in 2015. There were 8,287,000 unemployed. The average unemployment rate was 5.3. According to statisticbrain.com the total number of jobs outsourced in 2015 was 2,382,000. Hypothetically, if the total number of the employees that were laid off due to outsourcing did not jump back into the labor force in 2015, this means that only 29% of the unemployed were due to outsourcing. This concludes that 71% of the unemployed in 2015 were due other various

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