Outsourcing Jobs In America

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The loss of jobs, whether to outsourcing or inventions, has been a re-occurring issue in America since the early 1900’s. In the 1900’s, most Americans worked on farms. The farmers thought that the invention of machinery was going to end the need of farming when actually it was just the opposite. Machinery created the need for many new and highly skilled blue-collared professions. Then when manufacturing went overseas because it was cheaper to manufacture products outside of America, our economy stabilized, we created more productivity of these products and more highly skilled white-collared service jobs. With the invention of the computer, there was a scare of those white-collared service jobs being replaced. But actually the invention of the …show more content…
We may send a lot of our manufacturing jobs over seas because it is much cheaper to create a t-shirt or assembly electronics outside of the United States. But we are still the world’s third-largest exporter because America is still a great place to fabricate a large passenger plane, make refined machine tools or fabricate computer software (Levy and Scott 22). If America were to turn away from free trade and block the outsourcing of t-shirts and assembling electronics then other countries would stop buying American-made planes, tools and computer software. Also, the money saved from outsourcing jobs can help create more jobs in America. Joe Somebody wants to start up his own engineering company; he needs a customer service call company to help his customers with their orders or products. A customer service call company in India will charge Joe $98,000 a year to cover all his needs: whereas, a company in New York wants to charge him $250,000 a year. Joe decides to go with the company in India not only because they are cheaper but also because this frees up $152,000 a year and he can hire employees making more jobs available in America. Cheaper services provided from countries overseas opens up money that can be used to pay American workers (Levy and Scott 22). As Philip Levy stated, “Some of the best goods and services come from the U.S.; others come from abroad. Outsourcing and trade give U.S. businesses and …show more content…
The separation of the process of creating a new product and actually creating the product does not seem to be a very smart business move (Levy and Scott 22). An American inventor should be able to oversee the entire production of their product: from the design to the final product. That would be hard to do if the product is being made overseas. Also, the cost of shipping is on the rise as well as the national debt. As a country, the United States are buying more than we are selling, creating a large gap in our trade deficit. Therefore, we have to borrow money to cover the difference (Levy and Scott 22).
Outsourcing of American jobs is inevitable. As a country, America needs to figure out a way to keep the balance between exporting and importing of goods. In a sense, outsourcing manufacturing jobs forces young American teens to go to college to pursue an education and a degree or go work at the local restaurant or fast food joint. It creates the need for more highly skilled white-collar jobs that require a degree. We have always bounced back from the changes that we thought were going to be the end of the ultimate American dream. I do not see this controversy being any

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