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  • Essay On Performing Theatre

    Performing theatre live, is the most exhilarating experience that I have ever had. When I am waiting to walk on stage for the first time, there are countless emotions running through me, but as soon as I take that first step into the light I am hit with a sense of overwhelming joy. During the past year of my life I have accomplished more than I ever expected. While studying at Gateshead College I have managed to improve my ability in all three disciplines. This has helped me both inside and…

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  • Princess Theatre Research Paper

    The Ghost of the Princess Theatre Do you believe in ghosts? If you do or not you might after this. In December 18, 1886 the theatre reopened with some remodels , but Frederick Baker stayed. Today the theatre is still open, and they still have shows there . Some people even rent out rooms for parties or weddings with catering. Some people have said that they have seen baker. In Victorian streetscape of spring street The Princess Theatre is haunted by Frederick Baker a past actor. In…

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  • Importance Of Being A Music Class

    went from 0-100 real quick. I even had a quiz already in Math. Surprisingly, I passed!!! (God be looking out) Being a music major is very time-consuming. Even though I don’t have a music class everyday, there is always something going on in the Performing Arts Building. From music auditions,meetings,ensemble practices, or simply practicing for myself, there’s never a dull moment. Math is my only class on Monday and Wednesdays because the Lord knew I couldn 't handle anything after that, and he…

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  • Summary: Dramaturgical Analysis

    historical documents who would, through the act of performing, expose our subjective processing of memory and historical events through the live layering of multiple…

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  • A Career In Technical Theater

    scenic painting I went to google and typed in “jobs that require scenic painting.” Surprisingly, I found more than I would have thought. On I found positions for an on-call scenic technician, technical assistant/stage manager, and even an art director at universal studios. All of these jobs required more than just scene painting, but they all required at least some proficiency in scenic painting.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Just Bust

    open mic held in downtown Madison. Individuals can dance, rap, sing, or perform poetry. It is free and open to anyone who is willing to listen or perform. Just Bust is led by the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives(OMAI), whose mission is to provide innovative, culturally relevant hip-hop art programs to inspire engagement, learning, and activism for diverse communities. It is a safe environment to make yourself heard, since it is a judge free zone. I was invited to attend by one of my…

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  • Mistero Buffo: Mary Under The Cross

    Mistero Buffo was first performed October 2, 1969 outside Milan by Dario Fo (Behan 99). Oftentimes, his performances of Mistero Buffo were with his wife, Franca Rame, who stated that Fo began collecting these pieces seven years earlier. However, his revisions of Biblical texts date back to 1953 (Behan 95). Inspired by Marxist theories, he strove “to make audiences become aware that their position in society is a consequence of the privileges and oppression perpetrated at their expense by another…

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  • Marina And Ulay Analysis

    Marina and Ulay Their performances followed some form of supernatural between the two. They treated two bodies as one, and gave the audience exactly what they performed in front of them. There was no hidden tricks, they just collaborated and did body art in bizarre scenarios. Continuing Marina’s goal of wanting to push limits of the mind, body, and soul. Ulay explained the performances, “it’s the first time that we’ve experienced that, just as it is for the spectator.” Together they began…

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  • Renaissance Faire Concert Report

    The UT Dallas School of Arts and Humanities presented a concert at the Jonsson Performance Hall titled “A Renaissance Faire.” They held showings October 28th & 29th from 8 PM to 9:30 PM. The show featured the UT Dallas Chamber Singers and students from Advanced Vocal Instruction. The concert singers preformed mainly a cappella, but they were also accompanied by accompanist Michael McVay, who played an electronic piano modified to sound like a lute. Kathryn Evans, the conductor, also accompanied…

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  • How Did Charlie Chaplin Influence Modern Dance

    Laughter is the essence of a graceful comedy, equally important with the display of a dynamic performance. Trough time we have been enlighten with wonderful performances that included graceful movements, a true dynamic connection and storytelling background. At the present time, our comedy industry has come a long away, notably with more modern performances and unique connections between performer and viewer. The main question here is where does many of our famous comedians and performers…

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