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  • Orchestra Compensation

    The pay levels within an orchestra vary quite a bit in terms of compensation for instrument. Orchestra performers all play the same role. Performers who are experienced with an instrument, rather in front of a live audience or not, are needed for their ability to play specific instruments for entertainment to those who wish to hear their talent. Performance per instrument appears to be on a need basis. A violin concert master is compensated with a fee of $6,970. Low on the totem pole is of…

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  • Lindall Finley Wortham Dance Analysis

    The Lindall Finley Wortham Theatre is located on the campus of the University of Houston. It is a well-maintained campus with easy to navigate road, and has spacious parking directly in front of the theatre. It is a small, simple theatre with a cozy feel and comfortable seating. There were only a handful of attendees which made for a very pleasurable afternoon with little distractions during the performances. The seats were slanted down toward the stage and I sat in the center of the theater…

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  • Resident Alien Play Analysis

    Going into this whole endeavor, I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Although I don’t dislike theatre and plays, the title of this particular work didn’t strike me as the least bit interesting. My eyes were opened during the performance, and I was quick to change my harsh judgment. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the new musical, Resident Alien. All of the performers did very well in my opinion. Iliana Garcia, Kelly McCarty, and Kylee Smith Verhoff, Libby Rounds, Annie Sorey, Jimmy…

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  • Theatre Critique

    The Lindall Finley Wortham Theater is located in Houston, Texas at the University of Houston. The décor of the exterior is impressive. Its large glass windows give on passers and guests a glimpse of the lobby, which is brightly illuminated by several lights. My arrival to the theater was early. I was kindly greeted by the friendly staff as I entered the theater. Once inside the venue, I quickly noticed the nice intimate feeling of the theater. Its seats wrapped around the moderately sized venue,…

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  • Adam's Equity Theory

    Intro Performance issues and motivation is an understanding that is needed in every job. Performance issues can be skill driven, however, most performance issues are driven by motivation. As Baack (2012) stated motivation is at the beginning of behaviors, maintains it, and can end it. It is important to understand the driver of the performance issue and identify a performance plan to assist in correcting the issue. In reviewing a performance issue around production, we are going to review…

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  • Reflection Essay 'Freeing Forgiveness'

    to share with all my classmates. During auditions, I surprised myself a lot because I picked up on choreography faster than I thought. I felt really confident in what I was performing for each choreographer. I had a couple of the choreographers call me back out to see my performance for a second time. The second time performing, I only performed it better than the first time. As the audition came to an end, I was very hopeful that I would make it into a piece. Needless to say, I was much honored…

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  • Performance Assignment Analysis

    The performance assignment was quite an intriguing experience where each individual had a chance to explore their creative side and allowed them to step out of their comfort zone in creating an imaginary landscape.Each piece that was showcased had a unique aura to it. However, for me one piece stood out the most was the illusion one. (abbey’s team) The essay aims to analyze the piece and It will look at the viewpoints and composition used by the group to create this piece. It will also discuss…

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  • Cultural Dance Review

    The University of Illinois is one of the most culturally diverse schools in the nation. This diversity leads to many celebrations of the different nationalities represented in our school. I went to one such celebrations on April 1st, 2016 where the Indonesian Students Club hosted an Indonesian cultural night. This event, held once a year, took place at UIUC’s Lincoln Hall and was attended by many students, town people and even the Acting Consulate General of Indonesia in Chicago. Many of the…

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  • My Last Journey Analysis

    new places that my body could reach as well as surprising myself with things my body hasn’t ever experienced before. At the end of August, I set a few goals for myself that included: taking more risks, reaching to my fullest kinesphere and really performing the phrase, and focusing on getting my pelvis underneath me when getting in and out of the floor. When setting these goals for myself,…

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  • Movie Analysis: The Grateful Dead

    The Grateful Dead Movie By Launy schweiger The opening is a cartoon with psychedelic music and out of this world spaced themed pinball game, much like the Monty python opening in “The Meaning of Life” hinting a baseline of their music style. That at the every end turns into the real opening credits of the movie filled with a variety of American popular culture icons and symbols, and some cases parodies them, such as Uncle Sam's head turns into skeletal version of himself who starts to sing the…

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